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Cook's Guild Cinnamon Reveal | Guild Ball

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Hey there cooking fans! Last time we showed you Roast, the biggest boy of the Cook’s Guild. If you missed that article, you can find it here.

This week we’re going to be looking at a much lither model, one who’s considerably faster and more agile than Roast. We’re looking at Cinnamon!

Welcome Back to the Bake Off Tent!


First off, we can see Cinnamon has a 2” melee zone. This is worth calling out, since it’s a strong natural stat that gives a model plenty of variability. Beyond that, her statline is a touch odd. 7”/9” MOV would generally suggest a striker, as would the DEF 5+ and the TAC 4, but the KICK stat and the INF stat rather go against that reading of her.

Next up, the playbook muddies the water even further, with only momentous damage results, with a non-momentous tackle on 2 again suggesting she’s not really striker material, especially with TAC 4. However, do bear in mind that she has the Cook’s Guild Rule, Intimidation, which reduces the defence of the model she’s attacking. As a result, the second column is very, very achievable for her, even against higher defence models. She also has a number of momentous damage results, since, well, Cooks eh. That’s kind of their whole jam.

Onto the Character Plays, Cinnamon’s first one is Acrobatic. A staple of the game, this play allows her to dodge 2” for the cost of 1 influence. It’s not overly flashy, but when combined with her high MOV stat, she can really get around the pitch. Her next Character Play, Get Set, Bake! is really just an exceptional play, and typifies the Cooks playstyle. It targets a friendly model, and for the rest of the turn, any friendly model starting an advance within 2” of that model gains +2”/+2” MOV. Pretty damn handy! While it is cost 2, it’ll often save you influence elsewhere by allowing a model to walk and engage an enemy rather than charge, letting you get more attacks out and making your other models more efficient!

Get Set, Bake! is one of the key reasons to bring this model. If you time your activations right, she can give a good chunk of your team +2”/+2” MOV for 2 influence, a pretty damn outstanding deal. She can also apply it to herself if she wants, and in that instance she’d gain the MOV buff, since she is of course within 2” of herself. This lets her move further, potentially getting her into a position where she can apply the buff to more friendly models.

Finally for the front of her card, she has 11 HP, really again highlighting the glass cannon playstyle of the Cooks. She makes your team faster, so they can get the first and biggest hits in, but they’re not going to be hanging around too long if you mess up and get hit first.

Our Blades Are Sharp


So Cinnamon’s card is pretty bare on the back, but good lord, the two effects here are pretty incredible. First off, like all the Cooks, she has Intimidation. This reduces the defense of any enemy she’s attacking by 1, making her TAC 4 much less of a poor stat. The second ability is Anatomical Precision, which reduces the ARM of any enemy she’s attacking by 1. The combo of these two abilities makes her extremely reliable every time she makes an attack as she pares away opponent’s defences.

So there we have it, Cinnamon, a fast model with good damage and accurate attacks, who has the ability to buff your entire team’s speed. She’s a very versatile model, useful in all stages of the game. It’s fair to say Cinnamon is something of an all-rounder.   

Let us know what you think of her on our social media! If you like the look of Cinnamon, you can pre-order your Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen box here!

Cook's Guild Roast Reveal | Guild Ball


Hey there everyone, we hope you’re as excited by all the upcoming GB news as we are! We’re going to be taking a look at the first model reveal for the Cook’s Guild, Roast! We know this card has been out in the wild for some time, but for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, let’s dive in!

Why Toast When You Can Roast?


So looking at the front of this big boy’s card, we can see his stats are a curious mix, some really good, some less so. His Jog is low, but he once he gets going he can go at a fair clip, with an 8” Sprint. A KICK of 3/6” is good for a non-football based model, but the real thing you’re looking at and going ‘oh wow, that sucks’ is the DEF 2+/ARM 0. We know. But we’ll come back to that one, it’s nowhere near as bad as it looks.

Looking at his playbook, much like their Major Guild, the Butchers, the Cooks only have momentous damage results. In Roast’s case, he gets a push attached to each damage result, allowing him to bully enemy models around the pitch as well as put the hurt on them. His playbook also scales very well with his TAC 6. Non momentously, he has a low KD result, good for stopping counter attacks, as well as a low GB and a moderate double push. His Tackle is very high on his playbook, however. As you’ve guessed, he’s not the most football based model the game has ever seen!

Getting into his character plays, both are unique to him and they’re both very cool. Get It While It’s Hot makes a friendly model the centre of a 2” aura of –1 Influence charges. Exceptional for basically any model’s efficiency, Roast can really let his team get out there and punch things a lot easier! The aura is centred on the target friendly model, meaning if the model moves, so does the benefit. This can be handy if you can control your activations properly, since it lets you get the buff on multiple models.

Roast’s next character play allows him to inflict the burning condition on all enemy models within 3” of him, which gets the enemy team nice and toasty. The burning condition is a subtheme of the Cook’s Guild, which makes sense since they’re all about kitchens and cooking. Roast is one of the models who can apply it most easily to enemy models.

Finally, Roast has 18 HP, which doesn’t look like a lot with that poor defensive statline, but again, let’s wait and see the back of his card before judging that.

All The Trimmings


First things, let’s look at Intimidation. This is the Guild Rule that all Cooks models have. This means that every single time they make an attack against an enemy model, the enemy model suffers -1 DEF. This is enormous for the maths of working how much damage you can do to an enemy model, since the whole enemy team gets easier to hit! We’ll talk about this rule a bit more as we go through the Cooks, but suffice to say, this makes them hit very hard in melee! The Minor Guilds are intended to play like their Major Guild but with one aspect of them turned up to 11, and the Cooks are absolutely that when it comes to dishing out painful, high accuracy attacks!

The next two rules on Roast’s card are kind of a combo, and we’re sure you’ll agree they more than make up for his poor defensive profile. First off, Resilience is a rule we’ve seen before, it allows him to ignore the first attack or character play he’s targeted with each turn. The second, Big Belly is unique to Roast. It means every time he gets damaged by one or more playbook damage results, the enemy model gets pushed 1” away. Now that’s obviously pretty good, and it’s not even taking into account his own ability to Push with a Counter Attack! When you factor in Resilience, the hoops that enemy models have to jump through in order to attack this model get silly. If you go into base contact with him, you get pushed an inch back from Big Belly, then counter attacked and potentially double pushed away! If you have a 2” melee and go outside of an inch so you can’t get Counter Attacked, you get pushed away from Big Belly after the first attack! You need some way of dodging and pushing on your damage in order to keep swinging at him. This is a neat way of making his 2+ DEF viable and making him a pain to bring down unless your opponent really puts the time into thinking their way out of the conundrum!

One last thing you’ll note is that he has both the Cook’s Guild and the Butcher’s Guild symbols at the bottom of his card. That’s right, Roast can play for both of those Guilds, and is a fantastic choice in either!

Well, there we have it, Roast, the first Cook’s Guild model. If you like the look of this guy, you can pre-order the Cook’s Guild: Hell’s Kitchen box here.

Join us next time when we’ll take a look at Cinnamon!