Engineer's Guild

Velocity, Quistis Reborn


Following the tragic death of the young apprentice Quistis, Ballista took to his workshop for several long weeks whilst he healed, even once his body had recovered from the accident. The guild’s Magisters despaired that the Lord Artificer might never be drawn out from his lamentations.

Salvo, also keenly affected by his sister’s death dwelt on his loss, but instead planned a tremendous memorial to her life, a celebration of all that she had promised. Whilst his master locked himself away from the world, so too did Salvo shut himself in the workshop. But whilst Ballista raged and spat bile, Salvo constructed his tribute, a mechanical figure in Quistis’ image.

Even in his self-imposed solitude, Ballista eventually noticed the absence of his apprentice. He found him as Salvo had at last exhausted his own ability to work with the metals and gears of his trade, the project limited from achieving his vision by his inexperience. Ballista might have chafed at his apprentice’s forthright nature on occasion, but never had he been a man to mistake devotion or loyalty when he saw it. On that day, the pair vowed to see the completion of the manikin.

With Ballista’s considerable skill and knowledge, suddenly Salvo found the project launch forward in leaps and bounds. Each day brought new understanding, as Ballista taught him the practices and science of the craft. The Lord Artificer’s influence opened new avenues with previously aloof workshops across the land, which now sent materials and pieces to fit into the figure. As they progressed, both men knew that they were likely constructing the most vital invention of their lives, with the potential to change the world forever.

At last, the project was finished. Both men wept to see its completion, as the figure began to move. Slowly at first and unsteady, but quickly adopting a fluidity and grace which neither had dreamed possible from a mechanical automaton. Soon there was only a simple elegance as it darted around like the fastest flashing steel of a duellist.

In Velocity, Quistis lives on, as the fallen have achieved immortality

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Salvo, The Marksman



For the young Salvatore, a street urchin from the streets of Annamura, nothing was of more interest than the great public works of the Engineer’s Guild. Hand in hand with his older sister, he would rush around the city and visit each of the mechanical marvels in turn, the pair of them staring in rapt fascination. It was of no surprise to their parents when both apprenticed at the Engineer’s Guild, first Quistis and then Salvatore a year later.

Quistis thrived and jealous of his sister’s stories from the year he spent in sulky frustration, Salvatore threw himself into learning as much as he could, soon demonstrating an remarkable aptitude to his teachers and attracting the eye of the gruff Lord Artificer. Soon to considerable jealousy amongst his peers, he joined his sister as a second apprentice to Ballista, a much vaunted role within the guild and marked for greatness.

No man could have been more proud when Ballista first took on the mantle of Guild Ball captaincy than Salvatore and then again short time after, when his master adopted Quistis into the team. Watching each match from the sidelines, Salvatore at last found a rival for his attention to engineering in the game which fascinated him.

After his first game, he retired to the workshop and began to develop his own weaponry to take to the field himself, based upon the huge crossbow that Ballista favoured. Too heavy for the sleight young man to wield, instead he developed two much smaller handheld variants, miniaturised versions of a standard crossbow.

He would get his place in the side unexpectedly and in the worst way possible.

In the aftermath of Quistis’ death, Ballista sat and quietly talked to Salvatore. His master had long since become more a father figure to him than his biological father and in the kindly, soft words there was the promise of vengeance that Salvatore wanted. He accepted, becoming both first apprentice and Guild Ball player in one.

Since then, Salvatore has taken to the pitch as Salvo the Marksman, each game viewed through bitter eyes that perceive the sport entirely differently to how he had previously. For Salvo, the machines of the Engineer’s Guild only now have one goal. Domination.

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Colossus, Engine of Destruction

Not every Guild Ball team in the Empire of the Free Cities can boast that they possess a monster amongst their number such as Boar, Ghast or Katalyst. Such a disadvantage can often be the undoing of a lesser side, as they are simply muscled off of the pitch by a more aggressive play style. This was something which Ballista was acutely aware of when he adopted the mantle of captain and refused to let become a disadvantage for the Engineer’s Guild.

After a short period of deliberation on the issue, Ballista decided that he would bend his considerable skill to crafting a new type of war machine to answer this deficiency. It was to be as devastating as the enormous siege engines that he had once delivered to the Sovereign States during the Century Wars; on a considerably smaller scale to allow for mobilisation during the game. The resulting triumph astounded supporters and critics alike, and forced the other guilds to take notice of the Engineer side at once.

The Colossus is an unstoppable juggernaut on the pitch, slamming the opposition aside with its sheer bulk and power. Eschewing the brute force approach of other teams, Ballista has insisted that his finest creation be able to use his strength for the benefit of the team as a whole. Through gruelling months of practice Colossus has become a ball playing marvel, utilising great reach and height to protect and deliver the ball wherever it is required.

The current driver of the Colossus is a man named Axle, an enthusiastic Raed Engineer that worked on the project with Ballista from its beginnings. For some, the inherent danger of operating a machine such the Colossus would likely cause them to reconsider volunteering to do so; especially given the fate of the first driver, torn to pieces when a part of the drive train detached during a match. But Axle is only fearless as he faces down the opposition each game, dismissive of the potential danger.

And resolute Axle must be, for all of which the device houses immense destructive power, it also attracts the attention of the most dangerous figures in the world of Guild Ball, each of which would sincerely like to be the one to topple the Colossus.

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