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Hey there Guild Ballers, so at the start of the month we announced that following the Miner’s Guild high win percentage in the first month of release, we would be releasing an errata for them in order to bring them back into line.

We’ve spent a few weeks now carefully looking over the Miners, and have decided to hit them with a few targeted adjustments. As we said earlier in the month, we don’t believe there’s any real single thing that’s pushing them over the line, we believe a number of their levers were just tweaked a little bit too high.

As a result there are no particularly major changes in this errata. We’ve been very careful not to bring the Miner’s Guild down too much, since of course we want to maintain competitive viability across all Guilds in the game.

Without much further ado, let’s start going through the changes.


With Shaft, we felt the main issue was his playbook. There are no changes to character plays and traits here, but we have made several adjustments to Shaft’s playbook. The main one is on column 1; we’ve removed the 1 DMG and split out the momentous Tackle/Push result into two separate results. Much of the feedback we got was focused around that playbook result being just a bit too much, especially on the first column. Splitting this result out means that opponents have more of a chance to interact with Shaft through counter attacks whilst still allowing Shaft access to easy momentum generation with the single Push playbook result.

The second change to his playbook was the removal of the 3 DMG on column 5. This change was simply because we felt the Miner potential for damage was just a bit too high. The Miners are intended to have very low takeout potential, with what potential there is coming largely from their ability to push opposing models off the pitch. The 3 damage on Shaft was proving to make them just a little too good at damage.


A very small change on Digger here since he’s pretty much fine and THE BEST MASCOT. Our only issue was with Stop, Drop, and Mole proving to be just a little too good and flexible. As a result we’ve reduced the range from 6” to 4” to grant more meaningful choices to the opponent when considering who to inflict conditions on.

With Fissure, we made two small changes. We changed You’re Coming With Me to only be able to be used within her activation, to stop it being used on Shaft’s Legendary turn. This was just providing the Miner’s Guild with a few too many options. Secondly, we reduced the range on her Legendary, Tremor Mine, to 8”. Again, this just reduces some of the options the Miners have, and allows opposing players a little bit more of a chance to hide the ball.


Mule has seen the most changes here. Firstly, its movement has been reduced from 4”/6” to 3”/5”. We felt that this movement was just a little too high, and made Mule too efficient at what it wanted to do. Having to spend more influence on sprinting or charging will help bring down Mule’s efficiency just a bit.

The next changes relate to Mule’s character plays. While these are a key part of the model, and should still be strong, we wanted to reduce their power just a touch. Lockdown has become Once Per Turn, which means it can’t be put out on a couple of different models at once, which could do a lot to stop the Miner’s opponent getting to do all that much in their turn. In addition, Throw has been reduced to a 1” place, which has a couple of different effects. Primarily, this reduces the ability of the Miners to throw an opposing model behind an obstruction or something similar, which would make a Locked Down model pretty sad! Secondarily, it reduces the Miner’s ability to push an opposing model off the pitch. It’s still absolutely a viable tactic, but Throw was making it a bit too easy for them before. This change forces the Miner player to think a little more about this tactic.

And there we have it, all the Miner’s changes! By forcing them to spend a few more resources in order to achieve their goals, and forcing them to think more about their activations, we believe that we’ve got them exactly where want them. As we mentioned before, all we needed to do was ease a few of the Miner’s abilities down a notch or two, not make any major changes to playstyle.

One other change worth mentioning is that like with the cards changed in the previous errata at the start of March, these cards have been updated at the bottom to say 4.1, where initial cards released during S4 have S4 there.

Notice the difference?

Notice the difference?

This is part of our version control for cards from now on; the 4.1 indicates that these cards have been updated once since Season 4 launched. If any of these cards are updated again during Season 4, this will be changed to 4.2 and so on. Let us know what you think of these changes in the comments below.

We’ll catch you next time, bye!

Miner's Guild Backstory & Spade Reveal | Guild Ball

Welcome back to the blog, Guild Ball fans! We have a super exciting blog for you to read, it’s the first Miner’s Guild reveal AND we’ve also included the Miner’s Guild Backstory!!

As a reminder, the Miner’s Guild are the attached minor guild for the Engineers. They’re a guild who rely on placement and movement. They don’t have a huge capability for takeouts, but they have very strong goal scoring potential. They have more oblique movement than any other Guild in the game, and excellent kick stats. Every model in this Guild has the Secret Tunnel Guild rule, here:

secret tunnel.JPG

Spades High

3D Render of Spade

3D Render of Spade


Today, let’s start off by looking at one of the crossover models who also plays for the Engineers; Spade, the Bedrock of the Miner’s Guild!

Well now. First time we’ve seen any of the Miners in the wild, so this is quite exciting. We’ve kicked things off with one of the simpler Miners. Spade is a striker and you can really see that in her stat line. Fairly average striker stats across the board, with the exception of that 4”/6” MOV, which is of course made up for by Secret Tunnel, making her effectively a 7”/9” MOV (ish!). One point that stands out is the melee zone of 2”. She’s one of only 3 models the Engineers have access to that has a 2” melee zone! This is also great just generally for stripping the ball off of enemy models from a position of safety.

A DEF/ARM of 4+/1 is average, but makes her difficult to kill when combined with her ability to bounce out of melees, and her above average 15 HP. One thing you’ll note about her playbook is that she doesn’t have a particularly strong Counter Attack, and that’s deliberate. Miners have good defensive stats/health pools with strong disengagement capability courtesy of Secret Tunnel, so to balance this, most of them don’t have particularly good Counter Attacks.

Beyond that, she has that standard Engineer momentous Tackle on column 1, which is strong at enabling her to grab the ball from enemy players and score goals with it. A momentous push on column 2 is a bit different, normally a striker would bring some dodges, but the Miners prefer pushing people around! The momentous push/dodge on column 3 is a lovely option for her, but she will likely need to charge to hit it with her TAC 4. Finally, she has a couple of non-momentous damage results, as you’d expect for a striker.

Moving onto Spade’s character plays, we can see they’re both simple and movement based, which makes a lot of sense for the Miner’s Guild! Diggy Hole allows Spade to immediately place within 2”, which combo’ed with Secret Tunnel means she’s lightning fast and super hard to pin down! It lets her get around enemy models something fierce. Take her out before she activates, or she’s gone forever!

Her second character play is called Controlled Explosion, and represents the Miners using pre-planted explosives to force their enemies out of position. This ability is most often used when Spade is hunting the ball. Even with her incredible pace, she often can’t QUITE get within 2” of a specific enemy model. Controlled Explosion allows her to push that enemy model 2” closer, which is often just sufficient to get them close enough for her to tackle them!

One thing worth noting about Controlled Explosion is that it doesn’t roll to hit; it’s a range Self play which allows Spade to choose an enemy model within 6”, with no hit roll needed. Choosing an enemy model within 6” also means this is actually a very versatile play. While you can push an enemy model into melee range of Spade, it’s also useful for disrupting enemy positioning more generally if you need to use it that way, such as pushing an enemy model out of goal range. Or simply pushing an enemy model off the pitch if they’ve gone within 2” of it!

Digging Deep


The back of Spade’s card is a bit bare, but let’s go over it anyway! Secret Tunnel, of course, is the Guild Rule, providing unparalleled freedom of movement for all of the Miner’s Guild models. It’s hard to express just how useful and varied this rule is. Use it to dig deep into the enemy team and hunt for the ball, or to pull back and reset your lines, or for a hundred other things.

Spade’s second character trait is a pretty common one we’ve seen on a few models before. Close Control is a solid ball handling character trait, allowing her to hold onto the ball in the face of enemy tackles. This is key for her as a striker, making it an absolute nightmare to stop Spade’s goal runs!

So there we have it. Spade, a simple, strong, striker model to start the Miners off right! What do you think of Spade? Are you excited to pick up the Miners and get playing with these subterranean heroes?

Thanks for reading, we’ll be back next week with Fuse, the Expert Sapper!