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Steamforged Games is proud to announce we will be working with Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Guerrilla, developing an exciting board game for the Horizon Zero Dawn™ universe. Building on the success of previous titles including “Dark Souls™: The Board Game”, “Dark Souls™: The Card Game”, “Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game”, “Godtear”, and “Guild Ball”, Steamforged Games will be launching this latest game, “Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game” via Kickstarter soon.

Steamforged has a proven track record of bringing triple-A video game licenses to life as board and card games with intensely thematic and faithful experiences for the fans and players. We take immense pride in working with amazing game properties to create dynamic and powerful board and card experiences in the physical game space.


“As huge Horizon Zero Dawn™ fans, we could not be more excited to be given the honour of developing a board game which will allow fans to explore this incredible world in a new and unique way,” said Mat Hart, Creative Director and Co-founder of Steamforged Games. “Horizon Zero Dawn™ represents an incredible achievement in the videogame world and a much-beloved universe for fans all over the world. Many of the staff at Steamforged have been in love with Horizon Zero Dawn™ since it was first released, and so have an intimate understanding of what makes it so appealing and enthralling. With this game we’re going to give players a compelling new way to play and experience this amazing video game.”


Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game will launch via Kickstarter soon. Follow Steamforged Games on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram or subscribe to our newsfeed ( for all the latest news on this exciting project.

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Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game - Scenarios

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Guild Identity Card Previews - All The Cards!!

Guild Identity Card Previews - All The Cards!!

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