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Godtear - Developer Discussion

Champions Assemble! 

No, not you guys...

No, not you guys...

  • Do you want to know more about Godtear? 
  • Who are the Champions & their followers?
  • What is the gameplay like?
  • Did Jamie ever get Rhodri back?

Find out this Thursday at 16:00 GMT when we will be live on Twitch and YouTube as Jamie discusses Godtear with Alex, and takes your questions from chat!

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On SFG Live This Week



This week on SFG Live we will be finishing our Dark Souls™ - The Card Game campaign as Bryce, Gareth, Jamie & Sam undoubtedly stumble their way through the dungeon and end up smelling like roses. If you missed last week's stream you can see it on YouTube or below:

After the gang have concluded their game we'll be joined by Alex, one of the lead developers for Dark Souls™ - The Board Game as we unbox the Guardian Dragon and Black Dragon Kalameet Mega Bosses.

Expect to see these fearsome Mega Bosses up close and personal in a Kickstarter Update later this week!

These are the final production copies!

These are the final production copies!