Season 2

The Return of the Chibi!

Here at SFG, we always listen to what our Sportsfans have to say and, since they first exploded on to the scene way back at SteamCon 2016, the Chibi Pins of the Season 1 Captains and Mascots have been a fan favourite.

Since that time many of you have been asking when we would expand the range to include the Season 2 and Season 3 captains.  Well, for the Season 2 captains at least, the answer is upon us!  Released this month – alongside the launch of Minor Guild – The Ratcatcher’ – the chibi-style pin badges of the Mortician’s Scalpel and Vileswarm will be made available.

The two new pins are available on our webstore now. 

Scalpel here
Vileswarm here.

Another comment that we received in relation to the Season 1 chibi-style pin badges (all of which are available in the Merchandise section of our webstore) was that you would like to have seen the captains and mascots separated out into separate pins.  More chibi-style pins equals more chibi-gloriousness, and so this is exactly what we have done! All Season 2 Captains and Mascots (all 18 of them…) will each have their own chibi-style pin.  Which, of course, is great news for all the chibi fans out there!

Which pins are you excited for?  Which pins can’t you wait for? 

But what about the remainder?!  When will the rest of the Season 2 chibi-style captains and mascots be available?  When can you get your hands on them?!!!


Season 2 PDF files now available to download

Hey there Sports Fans,

After a short delay all of our Season 2 digital rules are finally here!

We have cut the rulebook file into two smaller documents which should be easier to load and navigate on all devices. The first will include all of the Season 2 core rules and the rules for the Big League campaign system. The second will include the continuing story of Guild Ball as well as all of the Season 2 character pages. For ease of reference we have maintained consistent page numbering across both the physical and the digital copies of the Season 2 rulebook.

Printable Season 2 Guild Plots and Big League campaign cards are also available.

To complement the Season 2 release we have also updated our Errata document.

Additionally we have updated our MFA Organised Play Document for Season 2 which is in effect as of today. All sanctioned events are required to use the updated OPD and the new Season 2 Guild Plot Deck. The main changes concern Championship events and a general cleanup of language.

Finally we can also release all of the Season 2 digital character cards. Please bear in mind that unreleased models are not legal for tournament use until they are on general release.