SteamCon USA 2018

SteamCon USA Schedule & Hotel Blocks!

We’re back to talk about SteamCon US 2018. We promised you a provisional schedule of events before the close of the early bird ticket sales, and here it is! Early bird ticket sales end soon, at 12 noon (BST) on Monday the 14th of May, WHICH IS ON MONDAY!

SteamCon USA 2018 - Ticket Sale Announcement


The SteamCon UK Early Bird Tickets has come to a close. Now it's time to release the SteamCon USA Early Birds, well on Monday 16th April! But first a bit of information:

1) Venue

Opryland Resort in Nashville, TN.  Offers significant space for SCUSA to grow, including more gaming space, areas for vendors, and increased seminar space. Plenty of choice for food with 17 on-site dining options, shopping, an on-site golf course, and a spa.  It’s truly a ‘destination’ location and gives guests a ton of options to enjoy their stay.  And that’s on top of your ‘normal’ amenities like pools.  Steamforged Games has secured a generous block room rate that not only gives a great room and parking discount, but also additional amenities like free dry cleaning and a daily bucket of balls to use at the driving range if you choose.

2) Ticket Sales

Ticket sales and general information all went up far too late in the year last time around. This year we’ve been a lot quicker off the mark to secure our venue & date as well as start high level planning. We are ready to launch ticketing information for SteamCon US!

Early Bird Offer – $85


Attendees that purchase an early bird ticket will get a free exclusive alternate Guild Ball sculpt!  (This is in addition to any we put inside the welcome box, which all attendees will get.)

Full Price Ticket - $100

The Early Bird offer will start on Monday 16th of April at 12 noon (BST) and conclude on Monday 14th of May at 12 noon (BST).

Just as with SteamCon UK, we acknowledge that this is an increase in cost from the previous year. This due to an increase in operational costs as such as a larger venue, more support, and a general expansion in logistics. Overall, we’ve spent a lot of time working on our budgeting to ensure that we’re giving you an amazing experience for a competitive price.

3) Schedules & Info

We will have a preliminary schedule of events out before the early bird closes.
More classes from world class talents like Michael Archer & Elizabeth Beckley, a genuine painting and modeling competition, and more great seminars are in store for 2018.  Additionally, demos of in development games and GodTear will be avail.  Finally, Experience Nashville options will also exist, including craft beer/whiskey tastings and more.