Cook's Guild Sugar & Spice | Guild Ball


If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

That frying pan, that is! Sugar is the nicer one of the pair of her and Spice, but she’s still a Cook! She has a 1” melee zone, since she’s only wee, but rather a good statline in general. At 6”/8” she’s pretty fast, has a decent KICK, and has a strong defensive profile at 3+ DEF and 2 ARM, allowing her to take a few hits. Her TAC 4 is the only iffy thing on there, but again, with the Cook’s Guild rule Intimidation lowering enemy defence, TAC 4 is nowhere near as much of a weakness as it would be for another Guild.

Sugar’s Playbook is interesting, with momentous damage low down, as well as a cheeky non-momentous Tackle on column 1, and some non-momentous dodges higher up. She also has a momentous GB symbol column 3, which we’ll get to in a second. She’s obviously not quite such an out and out damage dealer as most of the Cooks, she has quite a bit more subtlety to her.

Getting into her character play, she has Fire Blast. It really makes sense that the Cook’s Guild would have a subtheme of fire, since, well, the kitchen’s a pretty hot place! Fire Blast is handy for ticking out some damage if the enemy is rude and runs away and won’t let you hit them. It’s also useful for controlling enemy movement and making it more difficult for them to be rude and run away from you, since the burning condition slows enemy models down! Finally, it’s handy for blocking off areas of the pitch from enemy models unless they’ve really practiced their stop, drop, and roll techniques.

Finally, Sugar has 13 HP, again, slightly below average, which again shows that the Cooks are one of the more fragile Guilds, who use their offensive power to hit first and hit hard.

Smoke ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

GB-S4-Cooks-Sugar2 (1).png

Obviously, Sugar has Intimidation, we don’t think we need to really go into that rule too much more today. Her other three character traits, and her model role, are where this model gets *really* interesting. Yes, she’s a striker! Weird, huh? Alright, let’s show how this works. First off, when she makes a snap shot, she gains +2/+4” KICK from Icing on the Cake, making her effectively a 5/10” KICK! That’s absolutely nuts, letting her smash goals home from near the halfway line as she effortlessly whacks the ball in with her frying pan!

But given that she has to be within 10” of the enemy goalpost, she’s a bit vulnerable, no? No! That’s where her DEF 3+/ARM 2 defensive profile comes in, making her a chunky model who needs some proper attention to bring down. It’s also where the Sturdy trait comes in, you’ll have to knock her down twice before she actually stays down! And with that high a KICK stat when making snap shots, you do need to knock her down or push her out of 10” of your goal, it’s not enough to just engage her.

Her final rule, Is Something Burning?, is the final piece of the puzzle here. She’s relatively fast already, but with this rule she can charge 8”, trigger Fire Blast off the playbook, set an enemy model on fire, and then dodge another 4” for a total of 12” of movement for 2 influence, plus obviously inflicting some bonus damage and burning on enemy models! Ideally that then gets her into a position where she’s within 10” of an enemy goalpost and now she’s threatening snap shots. This makes her a really odd, unusual type of striker, one who doesn’t work like any other striker, really. We love exploring new design space for Guild Ball, and making a striker work entirely based around being a snap shot turret is a really interesting place for us to take this model!

Sugar and Spice and All Things…Murdery…

GB-S4-Cooks-Spice (1).png

Well now. Spice starts things off right with a 2” melee zone, which is instantly handy. Her pokey stick thing is really rather useful. On top of that she brings a below average KICK stat, a good MOV stat, and basically average everything else. She’s a little vulnerable to attacks she has 0 ARM on top of her DEF 4+, but she’ll cope. The 2/2 INF stat raises questions, but don’t worry, we’ll come back to that.

Her playbook is pretty much what you’d expect from a Cook’s playbook at this point. Lots of momentous damage and GB triggers, non-momentous dodges. Particularly, with her tackle on column 4, she ain’t playing with the ball good even with Intimidation.

The character plays are where this model really gets interesting. The momentous GB on column 2, with TAC 5 and Intimidation, is a very easily achievable result, so what’s she getting for it? Well, she’s either getting a Turn Up The Heat (which of course we’ve also seen on Roast) or an Intensify. So an ability that puts burning on all enemy models within 3” or an ability that damages all enemy models who’re suffering conditions within 3”. Hmm. Iiiiiiiinteresting combo there, almost like we did it on purpose. Ideally, Spice wants Roast or Sugar to set things on fire for her to run in and start intensifying, but if that’s impossible, she very much can set up her own targets. This combo lets her her put out a LOT of damage across multiple models with only a little bit of set up. While the rest of the Cooks are better for single target high damage, Spice lets you damage a whole bunch of enemy models at once! (bear in mind she gets to use one character play for free on Wellington’s Legendary turn).

Finally, she has 14 HP, again, on the low end for someone with slightly below average defensive stats. Cooks are like bullies at school; they can dish it out, but they don’t like taking it back!

If You Can’t Stand the Heat…

GB-S4-Cooks-Spice2 (1).png

So there’s only a couple of things we’ve yet to get into. First off, yes, Intimidation, very scary, grrr. I think we’ve covered that enough by now! The next rule on her card is Berserk, which instantly makes the 2/2 INF stat make a bit more sense! This rule is really very good, allowing her to make up to 2 extra free attacks each turn. You remember how we talked about, in the Wellington blog, how on the Legendary turn your team can effectively get 6-8 ‘free’ influence from free character plays? Well, you can add another couple of top of that if Spice gets to walk in and hit an opposing model! The Cooks can get some really super efficient turns if the pieces come together.

The last thing on her card (and the last rule we’ll talk about in Cooks!) is Get Over Here! [Pepper]. This rule lets the sneaky weasel make a dodge towards Spice. This is useful in a number of ways, a 7” dodge can be used to get the weasel engaging a model that doesn’t want to be engaged, or Spice can bring him in to provide a Gang Up, basically making her TAC 6. You can also use it to pull the weasel back to safety if he’s in danger of getting his comeuppance, or to extend the weasel’s goal range if the game’s taken a turn in that direction. Realistically, it’s a super varied rule which can have a plethora of uses. Most commonly though, yeah, it’s to give Spice an extra die on her attacks. She loves rolling as many dice as possible to get as much damage out as possible!