Miner's Guild Fissure & Mule Reveal | Guild Ball


It’s On Like Donkey Kong


Mule has a pretty average Miner statline. They’re quite tough, with those defensive stats, and the 4”/6” MOV is about average for a Miner, again with Secret Tunnel pushing them up to around a 8”/10” MOV, effectively. Secret Tunnel gets better the bigger base the model has, so Mule is actually really quite fast!

The playbook is where it starts getting really interesting. A momentous KD on column 1 is pretty sweet, meaning their 1” melee isn’t such a big deal. They have a GB trigger on column 2 that’s also going to be really important when we get to their character plays in a sec. Of all the Miners, they have the highest Tackle result, reflecting the clumsiness of the big galoot in actually snaffling the ball from opposing players. The Mule is the first model in the Guild that we’ve seen that has momentous damage, with a nice 2/double push on column 3, and 3/double push on column 5. Mule isn’t setting the world on fire with this damage, but it’s a useful option.

So, since the real meat of this model is in the character plays, lets take a look at them. Lockdown is pretty brutal. It can only be triggered from the playbook, and it inflicts -4”/-4” MOV and -1 TAC on the target enemy model. This is obviously pretty brutal, especially in conjunction with Mule’s 3+/2 defensive profile, making it a very tough model to bring down once it’s locked an opposing model down.

The second unique play Mule has is Throw. This allows you to place an enemy model within 2” of it’s current location. This is fantastic, the obvious combo here is putting Lockdown on an enemy model and then lobbing it 2” away from the rest of your team! Or, well, just fling half the enemy team around, putting models that haven’t activated behind models that have, block lanes, and generally make yourself a nuisance. While the enemy model will still likely be able to attack Mule, Mule is the toughest model on the Miner’s team by some margin, and so you really want them to be forced to make lower value attacks on Mule rather than attack your squishier models like Fuse and Spade.

MF-813 Mule

[Editor’s Note: nice obscure reference, well done!]


When we said you wanted your opponent to be attacking Mule rather than your other models we *really* meant it. Look at that. Beside Secret Tunnel, which it has as a Miner, Mule has Tough Hide and Reanimate, a combo that we’ve all seen the strength of before! Mule’s title is the Heartfire, it’s the furnace that sits at the heart of the Miner’s Guild team and keeps everyone else ticking. The combo of these abilities allows Mule to soak up a truly astonishing amount of punishment and keep going. 

Mule is the model that you want to put in the middle of the team and let the enemy punch. The opposing team are more than welcome to beat themselves bloody against the immoveable, implacable machine that is the Mule, while your team run around and score goals.

While Mule will go down eventually (and maybe sooner than ‘eventually’ against the Butchers), the damage it soaks and the focus it takes from the enemy team to take out will buy you more than enough time to sink the goals to win.  

Tanks for the Memories


Well, look at that. Fissure has the slowest MOV stat we’ve seen yet in the Guild, largely because of how placement works. She has multiple placement effects on top of a massive base, so her movement needs to be a bit slower to compensate. She also has 3 ARM, naturally, since she’s driving a giant armoured plated monstrosity, and DEF 2+. Apart from that, her stats are relatively on par with what we’d expect for a Miner, including the KICK (if you’re wondering how she kicks the ball, the tank prolly has built in ball-launchers but don’t quote us on that. Or maybe she leans out the top and bicycle kicks it, who knows!).

Her playbook is also what you’d expect from a Miner, with good momentous Tackles and Pushes. She also has the second momentous knock down in the Guild, on column 2, with a Push as well!

Fissure’s Character Plays are both unique to her. The first, Grinding Tracks, allows her to knock down any enemy model that she drives into during her advance! This is pretty cool, and it’s really useful to knock enemy models to the floor without rolling any dice. She can then start smacking them when they’re knocked down to push them around and generate momentum easily.

Her second character play, Sinkhole, is a super cool control ability. It represents Fissure digging a hole down into the ground and dragging enemy models down with her. You can push enemy models up to 3” towards her, and then she gets placed with 2”. This ability allows her to manoeuvre herself around the pitch even faster, since she can place twice per turn! It also allows her to pull enemy models in, pop Grinding Tracks, and knock down a bunch of enemy models at once! Even better, this play can be triggered momentously from her playbook, making it a super efficient way to get around the pitch.

Finally, with 20 HP she’s not going down too easily!

Dead Or Alive…


Obviously, Fissure has the same Guild Rule as everyone else in the Miners, Secret Tunnel. She gains a lot of benefit from this rule because she has a larger base than anyone except Mule, allowing her to place enormous distances around the pitch!

You’re Coming With Me is a super cool rule that allows her to help reposition friendly models around the pitch. This either lets her pull a friendly model back out of danger, or to extend a friendly model’s threat range quite considerably! Theoretically, if the model was 1” behind Fissure at the start of the place, you can move a friendly model roughly 8” with this place! That’s a truly enormous amount of the pitch.

It’s with You’re Coming With Me that we can really see Fissure’s whole thing. She’s a pitch manipulation model, with strong abilities to get around herself, to move enemy models, and to move friendly models. The positional control that Fissure brings is strong enough to allow the Miners Guild to get around enemy models and score goals without allowing their big hitters to get into your fast, goal scoring models. While this approach usually means models like Fissure and Mule end up taking some hits, they’re your tankiest models and can afford to take a bit of a beating. Often they’ll eventually end up being taken out in the process, but since they’re the models you want to be drawing the enemy’s fire anyway, you’re generally perfectly happy with the opponent focusing on them while you score goals!

Speaking of control abilities, Fissure also has a Legendary Play, called Tremor Mine. This ability allows the Miners to remove a free ball from the pitch and then perform a goal kick. This is the final piece of Fissure, she forces your opponent to keep the ball on a model rather than drop it on the pitch. The Miners have plenty of ways of getting the ball from an enemy model, so forcing their positioning on the ball handling front is an additional tool in their arsenal.

And there we have it, the tank and the mule in all their glory! Let us know what you think of Fissure & Mule on our social media, and if you like the look of them, order the Miner’s Guild: Dig For Victory box here!