Scenario Lockdown | Godtear

The news this week focuses primarily on scenarios, but we do have a couple of champion changes for you as well. If you were up to date after the last champion update, the only cards you’ll need to reprint are:

  • Lorsann

  • Nia

  • Scenario Document (see below)

We’ve increased the range of the Fairy Fire support skill on Lorsann as well as on her Mistwood Rangers so that these fragile, long-ranged slayers don’t need to get quite as close to the action during the plot phase. We also tweaked Nia’s ultimate to make it a bit clearer exactly how it works. As part of making it clearer, we took away any range limits on the first part of the ability but limited the second part to 2 hexes. This should clear things up quite nicely and also solidifies her as a mid-range champion who wants to be 2 hexes from the action for support and combat alike.

We’ve also continued refining some of the ability language, tweaked some ability names here and there, and otherwise kept things moving forwards toward the final retail version of all our models’ rules. We’re just a week or so away from starting to lock some of the champions’ rules as final.

The day to start locking scenarios is here already, though! As of today, we are locking Death, Knowledge, Change, and Quest. We’ve had consistent feedback on all of these scenarios and are confident they are ready for release. As part of our final examination of the scenarios, we have made a change to Life, however, and made a couple of changes to Chaos.

In the Life scenario, we’ve extended the deployment hexes forward one full row. (The deployment areas now look identical to Quest.) There’s just one area of objective hexes in Life, so we wanted to get champions and their followers into the action more quickly. Allowing any models who wish to do so begin the scenario one hex farther forward fulfills this goal quite nicely.

The Chaos scenario deployment hexes have also changed. The new deployment area includes the back 2 rows (like Quest and Life) and now also includes two hexes on the extreme left and right sides of the battlefield extending all the way up to the middle of the battlefield. This means that opposing models could even deploy in adjacent hexes at the edges of the battlefield, allowing for a truly chaotic experience where battle is joined from the first few activations of the game. Additionally, we’ve set the warband tokens on the battle ladder to 7, as they are in the Quest scenario.

We’re in the home stretch here, so please focus your feedback this week on Life, Chaos, and any final thoughts you have on Godtear champions and their followers.

This week, in addition to any other feedback you have, please be sure to let us know:

  • What are your thoughts on the changes to Life? If you’ve had a chance to test them, do you think this scenario is now ready to be locked?

  • What are your thoughts on the changes to Chaos? If you’ve had a chance to test them, do you think this scenario is now ready to be locked?

  • Which champions do you think are complete at this point and do not need further revisions?

  • Which champions do you think should be a focus of continuing testing before they are locked?

  • Do you think any champions are too powerful (if so, why)?

  • Do you think any champions are not powerful enough (if so, why)?

Thanks, and have fun!