Vengeance 2019 Reveals | Guild Ball

Hey everyone! This weekend is V4: Revengeance, the fourth instalment of one of the world’s largest Guild Ball events in the birthplace of SFG, Stockport UK! Vengeance is always a fantastic weekend, full of fun, games, and lots and lots of daft chat. Traditionally, as it’s right close to us, we usually go along on the Saturday night and spoil some info about upcoming GB stuff, and this weekend is no exception!

Since we’re generous people, we thought it wasn’t fair to just show the people at Vengeance some cool new stuff, so we’re going to redress the balance here and show off everything that we showed people at Vengeance the other night! Enjoy your glimpse into some of the sweet stuff coming your way soon!

Traits and Plays of upcoming Free Cities Draft Players
(NOT Rookie versions)

Artwork of Cutlass & Knuckles in their new Guilds!

We hope that got you excited! Hope you all have a lovely day, catch you all later!