The Butcher's Guild: The Scarlet Circle

“I remember once we celebrated to see the Master Butcher dethroned, and absent from the pitch. How wrong we were. What came next was even worse.” — Obulus, Mortician’s Guild

Inheritor of the Master Butcher’s throne, Fillet is one of the deadliest individuals in the Empire. Unmatched in combat, she delights in playing with her opponents - slashing and bleeding them dry.
Like any Butcher's team, Fillet’s side will punish their opponents mercilessly, toying with them before landing the final blow. All the while beating the opponents players into the ground until the perfect opportunity to score arises. 

The bloody dance of death, this set includes: a metal ball, 6 player cards, bases, and 6 metal players: Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, Veteran Brisket, Tenderiser, Veteran Ox.


  • Coaches looking for a no-nonsense, high-damage team will enjoy the Butchers.
  • Fillet excels at dealing damage and taking out opposing players.
  • Whether you are new to Guild Ball or just looking to pick up a new Guild, this set is the best way to get started with this blunt, destructive team.

The Butcher's Guild: The Scarlet Circle is available to purchase on September 15th.