The Farmer's Guild: Ploughman

Today we’re going to be looking at the latest addition we’re seeding into the Farmer’s Guild.

Ploughman is (naturally) a Planter, which means he’s a supportive model who isn’t designed to do a lot of work himself. He’s a versatile support model, who can help his team in a number of different ways. Let’s dig in.

Ploughman’s attributes, like a lot of Farmer models, aren’t particularly strong at first glance. However, he does have a solid TAC of 5, with momentous results on the first four columns of his Playbook, especially since, like most Farmers, he has a 2” melee zone. He can also benefit from his Mud Concealer Character Trait, which gives him +1 ARM if he’s benefiting from cover. As a ploughman, he’s used to getting his hands dirty! Having an ARM is actually a pretty treasured attribute in the Farmer’s Guild; he’s only the second model in the entire Guild to get access to a point of ARM! He also has a lot of hit points at 22, the third most in the entire Guild, as a matter of fact.

Moving on to his Playbook, Ploughman has access to a strong suite of momentous results. A momentous GB result on column 1 gives him super reliable access to his Furrow Character Play (which we’ll discuss in a moment), and the momentous Pushes on the following columns mean he’s strong at putting enemy players exactly where he wants them to be. Finally, a momentous Knockdown on column 4 isn’t the most reliable result, but with the plethora of 2” melee zones in Farmers, he can get there with the help of his teammates. Plus, it’s always useful to have a Knockdown on your Playbook to discourage any Parting Blows!

Non-momentously, Ploughman has some strong options too. Notably, he has access to 2 damage on 2 hits, which is lower down the Playbook than most other Planters, allowing him to finish off a wounded enemy model if need be. He also has a Tackle/Push result on column three, which is a hilarious combination for Counter Attacking an enemy striker; letting him strip the ball off an enemy model and then Push them away!

Digging Deep

Ploughman’s Character Plays are both themed around digging and earth, as befits a man carrying a giant warplough on his back! Plough has Defend the Ground, a Character Play we’ve used before on Tower from the Mason’s Guild, which allows friendly models within the AOE to use Defensive Stance without spending Momentum. This is a great Character Play, since a lot of the time when your models are getting Charged, you have to make a choice between using Defensive Stance or Counter Attack. Now you can do both for the low low price of 1 Momentum!

Ploughman’s other Character Play looks like a bit of an odd one at first. With a cost of 1/GB, he can use Furrow to position an AOE of rough-ground. A canny coach can Attack, generate a momentum point and put out a Furrow AOE, forcing the enemy coach to either Charge and effectively lose 1 Attack OR use Gliding, which accounts for a 2 Momentum swing to the Farmers.

However, if you only looked at the front of Ploughman’s card, you would be forgiven for thinking Furrow was a touch underwhelming. Until we flip it over and see…

Growing Strong

Fertile Soil! This rule is a huge part of what makes this model so cool. Whenever another friendly model places a harvest-marker within one of Ploughman’s rough-ground AOEs, the coach may place another harvest-marker within the AOE. While Ploughman can’t place any harvest-markers by himself, he turns your other Planter’s efficiency up to 11!

When designing Farmers, we knew we generally wanted Planters to be forced into earlier activations, and Reapers to be forced into later activations. Ploughman in this sense serves as the quintessential Planter; the Planter who wants to go before all the other Planters. Multiplying the effects of your team’s harvest-markers is the obviously strong benefit, but this also allows you to get some harvest-markers placed further forward, or in odd positions, without having to move your more vulnerable Planter models forward.

There’s a real danger that with all the rough-ground Ploughman is going to be digging out, the friendly team will struggle to manoeuvre around too. It’s handy, then, that the Ploughman has his team’s back, with his Tilled Earth Aura.  This Character Trait allows all friendly players within the Aura to use Gliding without spending Momentum. This means that the rough-ground AOEs that Ploughman puts down are no hindrance to the friendly team, while ensuring enemy players will have to spend resources to get around the carefully turned earth the Ploughman has created.

There we have it, Ploughman’s rules have been planted out. Let us know what you guys think of Ploughman on our forums, on our Facebook and Twitter!

Thanks guys!