What's Happening with Resin | Guild Ball

Hey Sports Fans,

After the launch of Season 4 of Guild Ball we’ve seen a massive increase in excitement for the game. We’ve also seen a rise in demand for metal teams, especially now they are effectively all sold out here at SFG HQ, plus a whole lot of speculation as to the future of the game. Obviously Guild Ball is here to stay so worry not! And whilst there are still teams available from our lovely retail partners, we have received a fair number of requests for metal teams before they get fully locked away in the vault forever.

Good news! We’ve spoken to our suppliers and have decided we are able to produce a final wave of metal teams for stores and players to purchase. These will be available in January and made to order to be delivered in February next year.

As to the future of Guild Ball…well as we told you during the Steamcon Keynote earlier this year, our high-quality resin line will continue to be released throughout the course of 2019. As you know, the Mortician’s Guild are already available in resin and the Hunter’s Guild will be released in January, we’re then kicking the new year off with a bang with the Fisherman and Butcher teams coming out Q1 2019…and then beyond that we’re planning for all previously-metal teams being available in resin by the end of the year.