The Siren, Allure of the Sea


Distant and aloof, the Siren is a mystery to all. Rumours abound as to where she came from, how she came to join the Fisherman’s Guild and why she plays Guild Ball. The most commonly held understanding is that one day the pair of Siren and Kraken simply walked into the Fisherman’s guild house in Boujonte and demanded to join the roster. Another is that Greyscales and Corsair found her out at sea, in a ghostly abandoned shipwreck. There are many more, ranging from the fantastic to the utterly mundane, commonplace to the surreal. Even her team-mates know little about the Allure of the Sea, leading some to mistrust her concealed nature.

Still, the Fisherman side have come to rely upon her ability to lure the opposition players out of position rather than to beating them into submission like a common thug. Once her crew have taken advantage, Siren almost fades away, only to appear back in the game once again some distance from danger. It is an old magic trick in a new age which refuses to become obsolete.

One day perhaps more will be known about the enigmatic pair and their intentions, but until then, all eyes are upon those which stare out dispassionately from within her hood.

Siren is available to pre-order now as part of The Changing Tide