The Supreme Order of Solthecius: What? Why? When?

Many of you may have seen that images of the recently announced Faithful: New Beginnings box set were revealed earlier this week. We expect this raises some questions about the ‘Church’ Minor Guild and their future within Guild Ball. Today we are going to explain how this Minor Guild will find its place within Guild Ball.


The Supreme Order of Solthecius

At SteamCon US last November we revealed that The Supreme Order of Solthecius (or, The Order) would be the Minor Guild allied with the Union. We also showed some early renders of Seasoned Spigot and their mascot, Pride. Since then, The Order have been notably absent from the release schedule and details about them have been elusive. This is because The Order Minor Guild will come into existence at the launch of Season 4 later this year.

As many of you have speculated, Season 4 will include a general balance pass of all existing models within the game. This will mean that there will be changes and tweaks to a selection of character cards. The aim of these changes will be to try to equalise the popularity of our entire range of Guild Ball models as much as possible. While we are generally very happy with the popularity of each Guild overall, we know that in a lot of Guilds there are 1 or 2 models that see the Pitch a lot less than the rest. We have spent a lot of time looking into which models have fallen from favour and why, as well as working to discover the root cause for each one.

The Season 4 card update is important to note, since it is also the method by which The Supreme Order of Solthecius will come into existence. The 6 models within the Union: Faithful of Solthecius, as well as Veteran Fangtooth and Seasoned Spigot from the Faithful: New Beginnings box set will no longer be Union models. From the start of Season 4, these models will become The Order Minor Guild and will have new character cards to reflect this.

Shifting Loyalties

Union players need not despair; we aren’t taking away your favourite toys. Even though Grace, Benediction, Harry the Hat, and Mist are all going to become Order models, they will also become ‘dual Guild’ with the Union. This means that all four of these models will still be able to play with the Union. Seasoned Brisket, Pride, Veteran Fangtooth, and Seasoned Spigot however, will only be playable with The Order Minor Guild.

SFGB03-045-Union-FaithfulOfSolthecius (1).jpg

The observant among you will notice that Seasoned Spigot, Veteran Fangtooth, and Pride will be released before the Season 4 change over. During this small window these models are Union models until they take up their rightful place in The Order Minor Guild at the start of Season 4.

We just wanted to make sure that we fully explained our intent for these models. The last thing we would want is to allow Union players to purchase the Faithful: New Beginnings box set without first explaining that Veteran Fangtooth & Seasoned Spigot's Union model status is temporary.