The Union in Chains - Gutter - Week 3


The results are in from Week Two and the Alchemists, Brewers and Butchers have all managed to maintain a strong lead over their respective rivals, whilst the Hunters have fought a hard fight to bring Hemlocked into their Guild, with only 2% difference to the Mortician's. You can see the exact breakdown in our previous blog post.

This week we'll be continuing the Guild Ball narrative as we see Grace release Gutter in an attempt to find Rage. Find out more in Part 4. Lady Death

Will Gutter find peace in the Butcher's Guild...


...or in the Fisherman's Guild...


...only you can determine the outcome by taking part in the Community Event. Find out how you can get involved here. You're also able to influence the results by playing games at SteamCon UK and reporting them to our Longshanks Desk.