The Union in Chains - How to Get Involved!


Welcome Coach to the Union in Chains Guild Ball Community Event 2017.

What is the Union in Chains?

The Union in Chains is the advancement of the Guild Ball narrative that YOU get to influence. The Solthecian Church’s hold over the Union begins to become forceful (See: Shadow of the Tyrant). Not all members of the Union will be swayed by the Inquisitor’s promises, or knife, and are seeking refuge among the established Guilds. YOU will decide where the players end up!

Each week we will update the Union in Chains Page of how the Guild’s are performing, post story updates, and provide the renders of each potential sculpt of a model should they enter the service of a Guild.

How will this impact the game of Guild Ball?

The Union itself will still function as normal; however, the players that leave The Union narratively will become a Veteran Player option in-game for the victorious Guild. Which will allow them to benefit from ‘Friendly Guild’ Character Plays and Traits, so it’s all to play for!

How do you get involved?

  1. Register to the Steamforged Forum
  2. Choose a Guild you want to support – download an avatar and set it as your profile pic!
  3. Play a game of Guild Ball
  4. Write up a match headline: “Shark Scuffs Shot. Butcher’s Capitalise”
  5. Recommended: Take pictures of the game (around 3 is ideal)
  6. Post in your chosen Guild’s Sub-Forum in the Union in Chains.

How does scoring work?

Coaches will need to play games of Guild Ball in support of their chosen Guild, it doesn’t matter which Guild they play against or with! Simply getting out on the pitch and forwarding your chosen Guild’s agenda is enough to sway the Union Players to your Guild.

Initially we will simply count forum posts as the gauge on how well a Guild is performing, however at the end of the event, but before SteamCon UK, we will check each report for validity. This means that if we suspect some goons to be unfairly influencing the vote, as the Longshanks typically do, then we will adjust votes accordingly.

To increase the chances of your votes being counted we recommend taking photos during the game (3 would be ideal: Team Photo, Picture of the Match in progress, the final VP scored). A video of the game would be even better! This can be taken from a single camera pointed at the game and a link to the YouTube/Vimeo/Video upload.

Open Play games at SteamCon UK will also contribute to the final scores.

For example: Ronan loves the new Mortician Hemlocke sculpt. He plays Brewers, but wants to support the Morticians to try and unlock the new model. He plays a game of Guild Ball whilst taking photos of the game. He plays against Jamie who is using the Alchemist Guild, in support of the Alchemists who are looking to recruit Harry the Hat.  

Ronan loses and reports the game in the Mortician Sub-Forum with the headline ‘Mortician’s Agenda Advances – Brewers lost in a cloud of Smoke’ and posts photos of his game too.

Jamie reports the game in the Alchemist Sub-Forum with the headline ‘Brewers Beaten in Burning Beatdown’. Both players enjoyed a game of Guild Ball and advanced their Guild’s hold over their respective player.

How can I see how my Guild is doing?

Each week we will be updating how each Guild is performing via the Steamforged Blog which will be shared via the Forum and the Guild Ball Social Media accounts. Be sure to Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook so you don’t miss out on the latest update.

After we have checked the reports for validity, and made our final calculations, we will announce how each Guild is performing ahead of SteamCon UK.

Who is my Guild competing for?

The Guilds below will be competing against each other to gain the favour of the following Union member:

  • The Alchemist’s Guild & the Engineer’s Guild will be competing to bring Harry the Hat into their roster.
  • The Fisherman’s Guild & the Butcher’s Guild will be competing to bring Gutter into their roster.
  • The Brewer’s Guild & the Mason’s Guild will be competing to bring Decimate into their roster.
  • The Hunter’s Guild & the Mortician’s Guild will be competing to bring Hemlock into their roster.

How long will the Union in Chains Community Event run for?

The Union in Chains Community Event will begin on Monday 9th October.

Forum submissions will end on Sunday 12th November. This will give us one week to verify the forum posts.

SteamCon UK will be the final chance to influence the results, and the final results will be announced during the SteamCon UK Key Note speech.

Where are Farmer’s Guild & Blacksmiths Guild?

We haven’t forgotten about these new Guild, and whilst the Union Players aren’t looking to join their roster they can still influence the results!