The Union in Chains - Week 4 Results - Cogs are in it to win it!


We're about to embark upon the last week of The Union in Chains. On Monday 13th November the sub-forums will be locked and a final count will be made. Some Guilds seem to have let their heads drop and accepted defeat whilst others have rallied and brought the tallies incredibly close! The pie-charts may show 50/50 splits but they are rounding to the closest integer (whole number) and one faction is ahead but by the smallest of margins, in one case it is just 1 result!!! 

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The Brewer's Guild continue to dominate the Mason's Guild

A spirited fight back from the Cogs, with the help of many other guilds wanting to see the Veteran Hat join the Engineer's Guild

Only a handful of results separating these old rivals

This one is too close to call - who will take control of the Witch?