The Union in Chains: Week One - Scores on the Doors


The first counts are in for Week One of The Union in Chains and it's been AWESOME! reading all the match reports on the forums & memes on facebook/twitter! Keep it up, we're having a great chuckle in the office with the rivalry between #BeatTheMeat and #GutTheFish. Another favourite of ours is the Mason/Brewer tagline 'Go home Decimate you're drunk' and 'Go drunk Decimate you're home'.


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How is your Guild performing?

Besides the Alchemist's Guild taking a strong early lead the other pairings are too close to call yet! Can the Engineer's Coaches rally some support and get back into the race? Find out next week!

Join us on Monday when we reveal what Veteran Decimate could look like if she joined the Mason's Guild or the Brewer's Guild!

Week One Pictures from the Forum

Scroll through the gallery below to see some of the games that caught our eye: