The Union: Tactics of the Tyrant

Welcome Back Coaches!

Today we’ll be discussing the tactics of those filthy mongrels, the Union - Shadow of the Tyrant. In this instance the tyrant is Blackheart, the Pirate King and his crew of rapscallions contains Coin, Gutter, Rage, Decimate, and Avarisse & Greede. Never have a more bloodthirsty, cut-throat crew taken to the Guild Ball pitch. If you’re an aspiring Union Coach then you better watch your back and learn their tricks or that madman Rage may end up sticking you with the business end of his knife.


‘The Jolly Roger’

This tactic focuses on Blackheart making use of his crew to go for an attack on goal. We will walk you through how it goes.

Set up: Blackheart with [6] Influence, [1] Momentum, the ball and a friendly Guild model within 6”.

1. Blackheart activates and uses Shadow Like to Dodge 2” forward and spends [1] Influence to pass the ball. He then takes a 4” Dodge towards goal from the teamwork action Give and Go, ensuring he remains within 6” of the friendly model.

2. Blackheart uses On My Mark for [3] Influence to make the friendly model pass the ball back to him. He spends the Momentum generated to make a 4” Dodge towards goal from the teamwork action Pass and Move.

3. Blackheart spends [1] Influence to sprint 6” towards goal, and then spends [1] Influence and [1] Momentum to make a Shot on goal.

In this goal run we see Blackheart travel 16” and with his KICK stat of 3/6” he can threaten the goal from 22” away. If he was just shy of the mark for the shot on goal he could even use his Legendary Play to Dodge a further 2” giving him a total threat of 24” on goal. 

‘The Pain Train’

This Tactic revolves around Decimate setting up a Take-Out for Rage by utilising her fast MOV and Thousand Cuts Character Play. This set up can also be used for Gutter and Blackheart to Take-Out models reliably.

Set Up: Rage with [1] Influence, Decimate with [4] Influence, a target model that has already activated, but remained out of Decimate's threat range.

1. Decimate spends [1] Influence to sprint within 6” of the target enemy model and spends [3] Influence to use Thousand Cuts to reduce their DEF by [2].

2. Rage then activates and uses his Furious Character Trait to charge for free. Rolling [10] dice and scoring [8] net hits he selects the [4] DMG and Concussion and [2] DMG from the wrap. Generating 1 Momentum.

3. Rage then uses Beserk to make a free attack. He rolls [6] dice, scores [4] net hits and selects the Momentous [3] DMG.

4. Rage then spends [1] Influence to make an Attack. Choosing the Momentous [3] DMG.

5. Having triggered Beserk, Rage makes one final Attack choosing the Momentous [3] DMG and inflicting the Taken-Out condition after causing a total of 15 DMG and the Bleed Condition (not that it matters in this instance).

In this example we see a great use of the Character Play Thousand Cuts to debuff an opponent, and have another model take full advantage. A similar set up for Rage is to have Avarisse knock down the target model and use Singled Out to boost the number of dice Rage makes on his attacks.

There you have it, some sneaky tricks to keep up your sleeves when using The Union: Shadow of the Tyrant. Let us know your tactics via Facebook, Twitter, and Our Forums.