There will be Vengeance…

Many of you may be attending Vengeance this coming weekend, and we can’t wait to see you there. Vengeance burst onto the Guild Ball Tournament scene last year, reaching 128 players in its first year, and has kept the momentum in Year 2 selling out again in just 2 days. Many stories came out of Vengeance last year, including the game’s own creator, Richard Loxam, losing a game by allowing his opponent to put Shark in the casket. Those of you who have bought the Season 3 Book may want to read Casket’s story…

Steamforged Games will be in attendance once again as we put ourselves into the ring to bring home the bacon, and we’re not talking about Truffles. From our pool of staff, we have a bunch of people playing, and even more will be attending to help run the event. Those playing are:

  • Richard Loxam, co-creator of Guild Ball
  • Mat Hart, co-creator of Guild Ball
  • Sherwin Matthews
  • Bryce Johnston
  • Sam Page
  • Corey Davies
  • Jak Thraves
  • Adam Tudor
  • Russ Charles
  • Tristan Freer

A handful of these guys will be attending the Guild Ball World Team Championship in September later this year to bring glory to the name of Steamforged Games. Check back later this week for more information on the WTC and keep an eye out next week for the announcement of our Teams and the Guilds they will be using.

If you’re attending Vengeance this weekend please feel more than welcome to come over and chat to any of us. If you can't make it to Vengeance then be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with how the event is going.