Veteran Gutter - Exiled

March has been a whirlwind month for Guild Ball, we’ve seen the reveal of the Ratcatcher’s Minor Guild, the Game Plan deck, an updated Organised Play document, and we even squeezed in a little errata. Well we aren’t stopping there, today it’s time to reveal the first of the highly anticipated Union in Chains Exiles!! Today we can proudly introduce you to Veteran Gutter, newest member of the Butcher’s Guild.


Hook, Line, & Sinker

Isn’t that miniature just fantastic? This is the finalised version of the Veteran Gutter sculpt that you all saw during the Union in Chains community campaign. The Butcher’s Guild were trailing behind the Fishermen right up until the weekend of SteamCon UK, where the Butcher coaches rallied and achieved an amazing last-minute comeback to earn the services and skills of Veteran Gutter.


What IS a Butcher?

It has genuinely been a long time since we designed an ‘archetypal’ Butcher. When we created the core concepts for our original Guilds all those years ago, we made the first batch of players and then moved on to making some more complex players. We’ve been making new and unique players ever since, without ever truly returning to the well and making something that shows exactly what it means to BE a Butcher’s Guild player.

This is why we decided to return to the core concept of a Butcher when developing Veteran Gutter. She doesn’t have many character plays (or traits), and the ones she does have are very straight forward. Gutter has a [2”] melee zone and a simple playbook with all the hallmarks of a classic Butcher, a momentous tackle, plenty of momentous damage, and a slightly high and non-momentous knockdown. With a [6”/8”] MOV she is relatively quick considering that she has that lovely [2”] melee zone, and she has [14] health boxes, which is on the slightly lower end of health amounts for a Squaddie. Gutter is designed to be a staple Butcher player, one that will beat people up and generate a bucket of momentum while doing so.

That that in mind, let’s take a look at her one and only character play, Grapple Hook. Grapple Hook is one of the ways in which Veteran Gutter mirrors her Union player self. Instead of dragging enemies towards her with Chain Grab, Gutter digs her hooks into an enemy player and drags herself towards them! This gives Gutter a potentially enormous threat range with which to threaten the opponent. That said, Grapple Hook is not an ability Butcher coaches should expect to use every turn. A cost of [2] is not cheap, since ideally you’ll be spending those [2] Influence on more Attacks! Grapple Hook should be used to close the distance when an opposing team is playing cautiously, or to catch up with a wounded enemy trying to escape being taken out. Alternatively, Gutter could trigger Grapple Hook from her playbook to escape a melee (be careful of parting blows!).



This all Feels Very… Pointed

The back of Gutter’s card has the same story going on. She’s a simple model to use and she hurts opposing players pretty badly. Her first character trait is a great example of this. Anatomical Precision is a character trait that has been around for a while and its very solid whenever it appears. Ignoring a single point of enemy ARM when she attacks makes all of Gutter’s attacks so much more reliable and painful.

Veteran Gutter’s second character trait is brand new, but still very simple. Mob Favourite grants the Butchers an extra momentum point each time Veteran Gutter takes out an enemy player. Even when she was a member of the Union, the fans of the Butcher’s Guild had a special place in their hearts for Gutter. Now that she has chosen to play for the Butchers permanently, Butcher fans are super keen to show her why she made the right choice.

Gutter’s final character trait is another one that has been around for a while and was also recently seen on the newly released Game Plan deck, Resolute. In combination with Anatomical Precision, gaining [+2] extra TAC on her counter attacks gives Gutter an incredibly potent counter attack. She’s pretty likely to achieve her knocked down result, or perhaps even get to Grapple Hook herself out of a bad situation.

Overall, we’re very confident that we achieved what we set out to do with Veteran Gutter. She isn’t complicated to use, and she returns to the core of what makes a Butcher’s Guild player. At the same time, simple but powerful aspects like a [2”] melee zone and consistent momentous damage make her a fantastic addition to any Butcher’s Guild roster.

Join us again next week to see the reveal of the newest addition to the Brewer’s Guild, Veteran Decimate!