Vitriol, the Fulmination of Progress

Jaded, spiteful and antagonistic, subject to the whims of a manic depressive personality, the woman known as Vitriol is ruled by the tacit understanding that she is a failure. But it was not always this way.

The young Meredith Tieger possessed a mind unlike any other in the small community that she grew up in. The child that would always stay at school to study and ask endless difficult questions that the priests would struggle to answer. As she grew older Meredith’s studies progressively took over her life, until, hopelessly alienated from her community and family at last she fled; bound for the Alchemist’s Guild, a place that offered sanctity and fellowship to a mind with vested scientific interest.

There, her superiors looked on with interest as she excelled, a young woman so dedicated to the furthering of scientific wisdom. Meredith promised much and refused to be cowed by the unknown, arguing the nature of the world with those educated scholars that contented themselves otherwise. Soon she fast outstripped her peers’ understanding, frequently spending long nights in the laboratories in search of a greater comprehension of the universe.

It was on such a night that Vitriol would be born through tragedy. The details are not known of the terrible accident itself or of Meredith’s intent, but as with so many alchemical studies, the volatile experiment resulted in a raging inferno which would engulf an entire wing of the guild house before the blaze could be brought under control. The woman that emerged from that conflagration would be forever changed by hideous disfigurement and the ruination of her career.

Although none that had known Meredith before the accident would have called her friendly or personable as she sought to master the universe and chart its elements, the changes now are very apparent. For the realisation that she so heinously misunderstood her study has dominated her personality, leaving a dangerously introverted and isolated woman.

Only confident in the basic compounds which she previously knew as absolutes, Vitriol is content to confine her experimentation to corrosive acids and sulphuric materials alone. This seems to be the only remaining drive left to the broken woman and for her guild, leaves them only one suitable home for her, where her destructive capabilities can be fully appreciated.

Vitriol is available to pre-order as part of The Alchemist’s Guild: The Lure of Gold.