What's on at GenCon?

Steamforged Games will be attending Gen Con, August 17-20th in Indianapolis. We will be demoing Dark Souls™: The Board Game, Guild Ball, Shadow Games and Trash Panda: Metropolis. As well as selling the Farmer’s Guild & A VERY LIMITED pre-release of the Blacksmith’s Guild: Forged From Steel. Did you see the article on Cinder? We’ll also have some special Metal Chibi models of Shark, Salt, Ox and Princess! Click the image below to see the render close up!

Head straight to booth #2927!

All Blacksmiths are traditional and honourable, but look no further than Anvil to see their pride - the true rock, the immovable object that cannot be broken. - Tapper, Brewer’s Guild

As resilient as the steel he crafts, Anvil stands steadfast as a Master Blacksmith. A veteran of his craft, Anvil’s wisdom is as valuable as the protection his shield provides. Towering over the pitch, Anvil is ready to assume an unrelenting guard and knockdown the opposition for his allies.

Anvil is the armor of his team: absorbing hits and deflecting danger way from his team. He holds his ground and provides a safeguard so that his allies can secure victory. His ability to enable the raw potential of the Blacksmiths, his apprentice Sledge especially, is invaluable. Bolstered by their Master, his team can perform incredible displays of skill and carnage. Stalwart coaches looking for a Guild that plays like shield and sword will enjoy the mighty Blacksmiths. Prepare to stoke the flames of battle, and strike whilst the iron is hot.

This set includes a ball, 6 player cards, bases, 3D terrain, goalpost, and 6 players: Anvil, Cinder, Furnace, Sledge, Iron and Ferrite.

You'll be able to get a copy of this brand new Guild at GenCon 50, we expect demand to be VERY HIGH and copies will be limited to one per person. 

This is an extremely limited production run and once they're gone. They're gone. So don't miss out and when the doors open head straight to the Steamforged Games Booth #2927.

Wondering what Trash Panda: Metropolis is?

They're hungry, and you're the food! Do you have what it takes to escape a city overrun? To survive the horrors of a megacorporation gone rogue? Be one of the first to experience a top-secret project from Steamforged Games, the creators of Dark Souls: The Board Game and Guild Ball. A trained company operative will guide you and a friend through this terrifying demo.

Couldn’t get in to a Dark Souls playthrough? Due to the popularity of our Dark Souls events we've decided to give you a sneak preview into a super-secret project! Hope you brought an umbrella, because it’s raining events! That’s right, you have the chance to be one of the first to try out an amazing new game before anyone else. Tickets are sure to sell out fast though so hurry and sign up now!

BE WARNED: Event name and description is subject to mutation...