Guild Identity Cards - Update!

In our last blog about the Guild Identity Cards (GICs) we revealed a fairly huge update based on the tremendous amount of feedback we have received from you, the coaches. We’re not far off around a thousand responses to the various forum discussions and feedback threads which is simply amazing. We’re also starting to see a couple of events cropping up that will use GICs to test them in an organised play setting, which is fantastic. If you have the chance to do this or be involved in an event using GICs please do. Its feedback we’d love to see! Today, it’s time for another update to the GICs themselves albeit smaller than in our last update.

The Union in Chains

At this point you’ve probably heard about this year’s community campaign, the Union in Chains. If you haven’t, you can find information on that campaign HERE. For those wishing to both participate in community campaign and the rest of the GICs preview, you can! Just keep playing your games using the Guild Identity cards, and remember to submit your results to the Union in Chains campaign just like any other game of Guild Ball!

The Big Finish

The time for the GICs public preview to end is fast approaching. Please make the most of the weeks we have left to get as many games played as you can, and post feedback on our forums. The public preview for the GICs can already be considered a huge success so let’s finish it on a high note! The remaining timeline for the GICs looks like this:

3rd Preview Rules Update – Friday 6th of October (today!)
This blog post details the progress of the preview and its updated rules.

Final Preview Rules Update – Expected Friday 20th of October
A blog post will be published detailing the progress of the preview and any updated rules.

Preview Ends – Friday 27th of October
At this point we will internally review the GIC preview as a whole, and decide what to do with Guild Identities going forward. Coaches can of course continue to play with GICs in their ‘final’ form.

All the Single Changes, All the Single Changes

This is the change log for the Guild Identity Cards. As usual the full digital files can be found at the bottom of this blog. You will notice that there are significantly fewer card changes than there were in our last GICs update. This is to be expected as the testing phase of the GICs comes towards its close. Similarly, to when a new model or rule is in internal playtest. Towards the end of its playtesting phase the feedback models or rules will become more focussed on minor details.

Blacksmith’s Guild
It’s been a little tougher to judge the Blacksmiths GICs and where they need to sit in relation to all the other Guilds. This is simply due to them being the newest addition to Guild Ball. However, we’ve decided to let the Blacksmiths lean into one of their biggest strengths, their resilience. Strike Right Here has had its Heal Rate increased from [3] to [4], and Tough as Nails has similarly had its Heal Rate increased from [4] to [5]!

Brewer’s Guild
Even though Brewer’s coaches seem very happy with their selection of Guild Identities, your feedback has suggested that it is difficult to choose Bring it On! or You, Hang Back! over Another Round. The strength and utility of having a ‘free’ Heroic Play at any point in the turn is just so beneficial, and hard to ignore. We have therefore reduced the Heal Rate of Another Round! down from [4] to [3].

Butcher’s Guild
We saw quite a strong reaction to the Crushing Force card as it can lead to the Butchers, just dominating the Pitch in an almost unstoppable manner. While many of us love reminiscing about past Seasons of Guild Ball, being unable to Counter Attack a Butcher Captain on the first activation of a turn doesn’t often make for the most fun experience for the Butcher’s opponent. Crushing Force now effects only friendly non-[Captain] Guild models. This means that Union players on a Butcher’s team, and the Butcher Captains will no longer benefit from the text benefit of Crushing Force.

Mason’s Guild
In an almost reverse situation of the Brewer’s Guild, Mason coaches have been having a tough time being able to select The Greater Good over Tactical Flexibility or Built to Last. We considered many ways in which we could improve The Greater Good. We settled on increasing its Heal Rate from [3] to [4] and increasing the range at which Influence can be allocated from [4”] to [6”].

The Union
While not strictly a balance change, the previous wording of Honour Among Thieves was allowing Union players like Gutter to take-out friendly players and take their Influence to keep making attacks. So, if Gutter were to take out a friendly Decimate with her last Influence because Decimate happened to be caught by the effects of Scything Blow, Gutter would have been able to take any Influence that was on the friendly Decimate to keep making attacks. This was an unintentional effect of the card and as such it has had a wording update to prevent this from occurring.

That’s all for today folks! Remember to post your thoughts on the Guild Identity Theory posts in the General Discussion Forum or within the Guild Specific Sub-Forums. Please leave any feedback you have from games played within the Game Feedback Thread. We hope you continue to enjoy the preview!