Community Painted Miniatures | Critical Role

Bidet Critters! It’s been an amazing few weeks since fulfilment of the Critical Role Miniatures Kickstarter was completed, and you’ve been busy sharing your painted models with #CrittersPaint -- so we’ve got a smorgasbord of visual delicacies for you to be inspired by! If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, then you’ll have the opportunity to add Vox Machina and the Mighty Nein to your collection on August 23rd!

Need help painting your miniatures? We have painting guides available that you can reference to help improve your ability. The models used in these guides are no longer available to buy, but you can use the techniques shown to paint your Mighty Nein & Vox Machina miniatures:

And if you need help from your fellow Critters, then you can reach out on Facebook in the ‘Critical Minis’ group where you can find a welcoming community of painters from experts to beginners. Join here.

#CrittersPaint Gallery

Last Chance: Caduceus & Avantika | Critical Role

If you’re hoping to add Caduceus or Avantika to your party, time is running out! They’ll no longer be available after August 5th, so you only have a few days left! You can pre-order them now through the Steamforged Webstore.

Attending Gen Con?

We are hosting a Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventure using the Critical Role Miniatures and YOU can get involved! 

The adventure is called Abyssal Awakenings... choose to play as the legendary Vox Machina or as the Mighty Nein! Travel back to a familiar town to meet a familiar face, where something strange is happening in the swamps. Dark figures clad in crimson masks have been prowling the dark waters, and rumors abound of terrible happenings in those dank shadows. An ancient evil is waking once more, and quelling such a power will require strength, courage and sacrifice...

Be the heroes of the Critical Role D&D show and weave your own legend into the annals of Tal’Dorei’s history in this introductory 5E adventure for players of any experience level utilizing the Steamforged Games Critical Role Miniatures! So, how do you want to do this?