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My order isn't showing in my account, what do I do?

Because we’ve recently moved to a new website, any orders you placed on the old site won’t be visible in your account. Don’t worry! Your order will still be shipped as normal. But if you’d like to spe…
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When will my Kickstarter rewards arrive?

Every Kickstarter campaign has its own timeline. For the latest news on a project, and to find out when your rewards will be shipped, check the Updates section on that project's Kickstarter page.We'll…
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When will my online order arrive?

You'll be sent a confirmation email when your order leaves our hub. Average shipping times vary depending on location and delivery carrier. Based on your location, we estimated your order will be deli…
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Will I get a tracking number for my order?

If your order has been sent via a tracked service, the tracking number and link will be included in your shipping email.
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Can I combine online orders?

Because we're pretty quick at processing, sadly, we can't make any changes once you've made an order. However, you might be able to cancel your order, get a refund, and place your order again. To do t…
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Why don't you ship to my country?

Sadly, due to customs, import laws, and other restrictions, Steamforged is unable to ship to these locations (see point 10 of terms).
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