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Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace


Style counts for everything in this fast-paced arena combat game

Slaying demons isn't enough to be crowned Monarch of The Bloody Palace—you've got to do it with style! Build spectacular attack combos to score style points and outscore the other Devil Hunters.

DMC Players Cutout

Unleash stylish mayhem...

Take control of an iconic Devil May Cry™ character and use their unique moves to build attack combos and score style points

…against fiendish foes

Take on waves of increasingly powerful enemies as you compete to outscore other Devil Hunters and move up the style ranks!

DMC Enemy Cutout

Face down deadly demons



The most common enemy in the board game, the insect-like Empusas aren't super dangerous on their own. Get caught in a swarm, though, and you're in for a world of trouble.


Empusa Queen

A large enemy with high vitality, this insectoid Queen can take a ton of damage before she goes down. Watch out for sweeping attacks!


Hell Antenora

Nasty and nimble, Hell Antenora use their enormous cleavers to cause carnage. With their balance of speed, damage, and vitality, these brutal berserkers are among the most dangerous in the game.


Scudo Angelo

These demonic soldiers aren't fast, but their shields protect against serious damage. The trick is to attack from behind...if you can get close enough.


Proto Angelo

If the Scudo Angelo are soldiers, this large beast is their commander. It's big, tough, and likely to cleave you in half if you get too close.



With muscles like hydraulic cylinders, this reptilian nightmare can leap enormous distances. Its retractable claws can cut through sheet metal like a hot knife through butter. And it's really, really fast.

Frantic. Fast. Fun!

Experience the utterly insane action of the Devil May Cry™ video game on your tabletop as you face off against multiple enemies

DMC Board Game Spill







Chain together slick attack combos, collect orbs, and upgrade your Hunter

combo chain.png

Combo Chain

Each Devil Hunter comes with a deck of attack cards you can play to have them slash with their sword, shoot with their pistol, and so on. Link these cards in a combo chain to create a devastating burst of attacks, then cash your combo in for style points. The longer your combo chain, the more style points you score. Beware, though: a single hit from a demon can break your chain, forcing you to start over!


Red & Green Orbs

Slain enemies drop orbs which Hunters can collect. Green orbs have a healing effect, removing up to 3 damage from your Hunter. Red orbs can be spent to purchase Upgrade cards, or kept to add to your style score. Any red orbs left at the end of the game are worth 1 style point each.

Upgrade Cards.png

Upgrade your Hunter

Spend red orbs on new moves and abilities from your Hunter's Upgrade deck. The number of orbs you need to purchase an upgrade is shown on the card. The better the upgrade, the higher the cost!


Conquer the Bloody Palace

Hack and slash your way through waves of enemies. Spend orbs to power up. Take on the boss. Slay the boss. Then, score the style points to see which Devil Hunter is crowned Monarch of the Bloody Palace!

Round and round the Bloody Palace we go

Shift into high gear

There are four rounds in a game. Rounds have three phases: the Hunter Phase, the Enemy Phase, and the End Phase. With each new round, the game shifts up a gear, with a fresh wave of more dangerous enemies. Can you defeat them all?

Hunter Phase

In this phase, your Hunter can turn around, run, and make attacks. If you've built up a combo, you can clear it and claim the style points at any time in your turn.

Enemy Phase

Now it's their turn. During this phase, enemy behaviour cards are drawn and the enemies strike back. Unlucky enough to get knocked out? Sit back, relax, and watch the other Hunters rack up the style points for the rest of the round. Hope you catch up!

End Phase

Time to tie up the current round and get ready for the next wave. Now's your chance to purchase upgrades and power up!

Achievement Cards

At the start of each stage, Achievement cards are dealt face up beside the game board. And guess what? Achievement cards are worth style points! To claim up to one Achievement card per round, just do what it says on the card. Easy, right?

Want to slay enemies of all shapes and sizes? Then the Bloody Palace is the perfect playground!

Small enemies take up one hex on the game board. Large enemies take up three hexes. But gigantic enemies? They take up seven hexes!

DMC Elder Miniature
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Devil May Cry: The Bloody Palace board game brings the high-octane action of the video game to your tabletop. Hack 'n' slash your way through hordes of demons and rack up style points to win. Will you be crowned Monarch of the Bloody Palace?


Ready for more over-the-top action?

More demons. Bigger boss enemies. And a brand new playable character. What are you waiting for?

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