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A campaign board game for 1-4 players, Seeds of Rebellion builds on the acclaimed Horizon board game engine to deliver a fully cooperative, narrative-driven tabletop experience.

Discover untold stories

In the dark corners of the mysterious Forbidden West, seeds of rebellion are taking root amongst the warlike Tenakth. This potential insurrection threatens the fragile peace between the Tenakth clans.

We’ve worked closely with Guerrilla’s Narrative team to create an official story within Horizon’s canon, taking place before Aloy’s arrival in the Forbidden West. 

You and your fellow Marshals must uncover, investigate, and combat the rebellion before unnecessary blood is shed and the fate of the Clan Lands is changed for generations to come.

Work together to take down machines

Along the way, you’ll explore the majestic and dangerous world, earn powerful equipment, and undertake life-or-death quests, testing your skills against an ever-present menace: the deadly, ever-evolving machines.

Will you fall to the spear, the claw, or the toxic blight? Or will you rise against the odds together and unravel the untold mysteries of the Forbidden West?

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