About Steamforged Games

What is it that draws millions of people around the world to the tabletop?

Actually, there’s no right answer. For some folk it’s escapism, for others it’s about having a laugh with your friends. Some might compete in tournaments, others will play solo. Perhaps you just like painting and collecting minis!

There’s a place for gamers of all stripes and walks of life here at Steamforged Games.

Our philosophy is simple: we want to create unforgettable tabletop worlds for you to love and lose yourself in.

How the adventure began

Take a seat by the fireside, goodly folk of the internet, as we regale you with the tale of Steamforged Games!

From humble beginnings in the corner of a hobby gaming store in Manchester, we’ve grown to become an established tabletop developer and publisher.

You might know us as the company who runs Kickstarters for tabletop adaptations of video games. Well, that’s certainly one string to our bow.

Our history of adaptations began with the wildly successful DARK SOULS™ board game. We took the game to Kickstarter back in 2016, where it raised an astonishing, record-breaking £3.7million. We’ll be honest, even we were taken aback by its success!

As with any journey worth its salt, our path hasn’t always been smooth. But we’re proud of where it’s taken us.

Our road to the (table)top

Since 2016, we’ve swelled the ranks of our stupendous catalogue of video game adaptations with massive titles like Monster Hunter: World, Resident Evil™ 1, Resident Evil™ 2, and Resident Evil™ 3, Horizon Zero Dawn™, and more. All these adaptations have one thing in common: they capture the essence of the video games you know and love.

But it’s not just adaptations we bring to the table! From our richly-realised fantasy dungeon explorer, Bardsung, to Epic Encounters’ adventures-in-a-box, to the sprawling, family friendly roleplaying settings of Animal Adventures, our original games are memorable tabletop worlds in their own right.

Oh, and in that time, we’ve successfully fulfilled over 11 tabletop game crowdfunding campaigns, with more on the way!

“But how do you make sure you’re delivering what gamers actually want?” you might ask. It’s a good question. Well, we’ll let you in on a little secret.

It’s because we are gamers.

We’re led by a love of the craft, a collective pride in what we create, and a mission to deliver compelling tabletop experiences that capture the emotions and inspire the imaginations of players around the world.

But you don’t have to take it from a disembodied voice on our About Us page… Why not hear it straight from the winged horse’s mouth? Here’s some of our team giving an insight into how the company began, where we're going, and why we recently moved to our shiny, new office in Media City, Salford.

So, what’s the hold up? Manifold worlds of rip-roaring excitement, discovery, and, most importantly, bucketloads of fun are waiting to be unearthed by your trembling hands!

Here's a flavour of some of the tabletop adventures you can start today.

Press Enquiries

For press enquiries please contact us on press@steamforged.com