Are you worthy of godlike power?

  1. 2 Players
  2. Ages 14+
  3. 45-60 minutes

Battle rival champions. Claim godtears. Become a god.

Take control of mighty champions and fight to claim the powerful tears of perished gods! This miniature skirmish game puts two players head-to-head on a hex-based board. Score points by planting your banner on a godtear, defending it, and by taking out enemy champions and followers.

Choose your Starter Set

The godtears await the Chosen.

The Borderlands Starter Set The Borderlands Starter Set

The Borderlands Starter Set

Even gods can die. As they fall, only their divine essence remains, great crystal meteors known as godtears raining from the skies to land in the mortal realm.

To get you started, The Borderlands Starter Set contains two unique champions:

A Guardian champion, Finvarr and his Shadow Sentinels are best at guarding banners. A Maelstrom champion, Titus focuses on picking off enemy followers! 

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Eternal Glade Starter Set Eternal Glade Starter Set

Eternal Glade Starter Set

A few rare mortal champions are able to withstand and harness the immense power of a godtear, but once they taste the power of a god, they are driven by an endless ambition to gain more.

To get you started, the Eternal Glade Starter Set contains two unique champions:

A Shaper champion, Nia and her Quartzling followers are best at controlling the battlefield and helping their allies. A Slayer, Morrigan has hard-hitting attacks to help her take out enemy champions. 

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Choose your champions

The champions are fickle, forming and breaking alliances as it suits them. So, you can build your warband with any champions you like! A typical battle takes place between two warbands of equal size. Once you've mastered 1v1, 3v3 makes for an epic clash!

Choose a Champion

Lily Lily

The Thornsinger


Older than the woods she wanders, nothing escapes Lily’s notice, even the tiniest sapling. In her wake, she leaves a trail of crystalline fairy dust that empowers her allies and ensnares her foes.

Around her, an overgrowth of Thornlings sink their roots, ready to confront anyone foolish enough to trespass in their forest home.

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Styx Styx

Lord of Hounds


Master death itself

A powerful necromancer with a dark reputation, the mere sight of Styx incites fear. This nightmarish spectre is accompanied by a pair of slavering Abyssal Hounds – huge creatures with an insatiable thirst for blood.

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Nia Nia

The Crystalmancer


Nia is cool and composed, unlike the bloodthirsty champions that are her peers, more interested in understanding the elements than pursuing godhood. This green Shaper champion seeks to bring life to the world, rather than destroy it—as evidenced by her strange Quartzling companions, creatures crafted by her own hand.

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Rattlebone Rattlebone

Prophet of the Ascended Past


Warn of omens

Haunted by dire omens and visions of the past, Rattlebone is both a feared shaman and a portent of great tragedy. Even the mightiest challengers become puppets in her presence, their spirits broken by the potent hexes this green Shaper champion weaves.

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Raith'Marid Raith'Marid

The Rising Tsunami


Ride the wave

A powerful disciple of the element that birthed his sire, Raith’Marid is a tidal wave cascading across the battlefield, crashing against his foes and washing them away. This green Shaper champion is accompanied by a tide of Splashlings, the conjured spirits that serve as focal points for their master’s immense power. 

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Shayle Shayle

Keeper of the Oath


Guard the realm

Bound to the elementals from birth, Shayle is a warden of the mortal realm and an enemy to any who try seizing the power of the gods. This green Shaper champion binds each godtear with runic magic, crafting powerful sentinels like Landslide from living rock.

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Choose a Champion

Kailinn Kailinn

The Fury of the Forest


Unleash nature's wrath

Maelstrom Kailinn, mighty centaur and protector of the forest, tramples her foes underhoof with unbridled ferocity. Few can withstand a charge from Kailinn and her faithful Virtues, the druidic centaurs accompanying her in her quest for godhood. Those who try will find themselves on the end of her wicked-sharp horn.

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Luella Luella

The Raging Storm


Ride the lightning

Like a mighty storm, Maelstrom champion Luella engulfs her enemies in a whirlwind of flashing steel and thunderous fury. Take cover, for she and her Shieldmaidens charge into battle without a backward glance.

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Jeen Jeen

The Wandering Warrior


Master of her own destiny

A mercenary with a soft spot for the downtrodden, yellow Maelstrom Jeen wanders in search of wrongs to right and worthy adversaries to challenge. She leads the Golden Shrikes, a swarm of disciplined soldiers who dutifully cut down enemies in a flash of cold steel.

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Grimgut Grimgut

The Vile


Spread the disease

A yellow Maelstrom champion, Grimgut is an unsettling sight for even the bravest heroes. He's a lumbering mass of spoilt flesh with an insatiable hunger, consuming enemies and godtears alike. His gluttony and foul deeds do little to inspire others to follow his cause. Instead, Grimgut creates his own followers, vomiting slimy Retchlings from the remnants of enemies he ingests.

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Titus Titus

The Disgraced


Lead the charge

Despite being banished from his homeland, Titus the yellow Maelstrom holds his head high. A paragon of martial prowess, he leads the charge by example, inspiring his devoted Glory Seekers to prove their own valour.

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Blackjaw Blackjaw

The Sweeping Flame


Unleash the firestorm

A yellow Maelstrom champion, Blackjaw is an incendiary force that threatens to destroy all before him in a bright inferno. In his wake come his followers, the Unburnt Reavers—vicious orcs that race across the ground like wildfire, unaffected by Blackjaw's blistering heat.

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Choose a Champion

Maxen Maxen

The Artificer


Lock & Load

Possessed of a brilliant mind, Maxen easily grasps concepts beyond mortal understanding. Proof can be seen in his flock of mechanical Gearhawks. These helpful clockwork creatures perform tasks and may even be used as ammunition, in a pinch.

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Keera Keera

The Dragon Princess


Live a legend

On the outside, this red Slayer is the essence of nobility. But on the inside, an untameable fire burns. Enemies are advised to tread lightly, for it is uncertain who they should fear more—the fiery mistress, or her mythical dragons. 

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Lorsann Lorsann

The Autumnal Wind


Strike from afar

A red Slayer champion, Lorsann was once guardian of the Eternal Glade. Since then, she has led Mistwood Rangers from that hallowed place in pursuit of the destiny that calls to her. Few have seen Lorsann’s face, for death usually comes first—or, for those fortunate few, quickly after.

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Morrigan Morrigan

The Lich King


The ancient queen of a fallen kingdom, the red Slayer Morrigan has watched and waited for the time to leave her frozen realm return to civilised lands. She marches ahead of her sinister vanguard, the skeletal Cold Bones, each one ready to steal the warmth of the living in service of their mistress.

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Rangosh Rangosh

Scourge of the Broken Plains


Smash all asunder

A red Slayer champion, horrific tales of Rangosh’s violence and brutality have spread throughout the land. This tyrant rules over the plains with a barbed lash, destroying all those who oppose him. His only companions are the cold-hearted Red Bandits, whose loyalty was bought with coin.

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Sneaky Peet Sneaky Peet

The Maligned

Sneaky Peet

Rule from the shadows

Untrustworthy and opportunistic thieves, goblins are almost universally loathed—but special hatred is reserved for this spiteful Slayer champion. Sneaky Peet's rapid ascension to leader of his tribe has more to do with animal cunning than ordained destiny.

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Skullbreaker Skullbreaker

The Dragon Slayer


Skullbreaker. The one they call the Dragon Slayer. An orc so strong he wields the jawbone of a slain dragon as a weapon. His followers are dubbed the Tooth Bearers: acolytes deemed worthy of a single tooth from his dragon jaw blade, a trophy of Skullbreaker’s many hunts.

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Choose a Champion

Jaak Jaak

 The Dubious Alchemist


Trouble is brewing

Jaak, the wandering shaman and apothecary, is renowned for his incredible potion-brewing skills. There are few ailments he cannot treat and he has brought many stricken patients back from the brink of death.

Jaak’s entourage of Cauldron Cronies ensures his knapsack is never short of potent ingredients.

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Helena Helena

The Inspiration of Hope


Raise your banner

Pure of heart, beloved Helena strides into battle with a message not of conquest, but of unity. Wherever this sacred quest takes her, Rallied Peasants flock to her standard in hope of a better world. 

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Finvarr Finvarr

Lord of Mirages


Fulfil your duty

A blue Guardian champion, Finvarr once stood guard over ancient elven forests. Now, he has left those glades in pursuit of another sacred duty. Accompanying him are the other Shadow Sentinels of his brotherhood—no longer silent wardens, but instead faithful companions to their newly-awakened leader.

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Halftusk Halftusk

Warden of the Stonekin Isle


The last of his kind

A blue Guardian champion, Halftusk is the last of his people to avoid enslavement. The mantle of Warden has long sat upon his broad shoulders. He might seem a simple brute but, in truth, he's an anguished soul—kind towards the strange and primordial Froglodyte, and terrible to any who try to harm them!

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Rhodri Rhodri

Thane of the Forsaken Holds


Stand proud

Stoic and resolute, this blue Guardian champion stands against all who would seek to visit ruin upon the land of his ancestors, or its people. Accompanied by his Household Guard, Rhodri's iron skin deflects all but the mightiest blows or deadliest blades.

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Mournblade Mournblade

The Soulless


From beyond the grave

Once again, this fallen Guardian champion casts a dark shadow over the land of the living. Death is but a minor inconvenience when you have an endless lust for godhood. With a gust of grave wind, this cruel revenant extends his icy talons and beckons unsuspecting enemies into his malevolent grip.

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Learn the strengths of each champion class


Keen to control the flow of the game, green Shaper champions buff allies, debuff enemies, and manipulate the battlefield through cunning movement of godtears. They get extra steps on the battle ladder for planting their banner.

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Slayers take the fight to the enemy. These heavy hitters are great at taking out enemy champions, and gain extra steps on the battle ladder for doing it.

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The clue is in the name: Guardians are excellent defenders. These champions protect their banner (and their allies) with their lives. They get extra steps on the battle ladder if their banner is still in play at the end of the turn.

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Where Slayers are best at going head-to-head with enemy champions, Maelstroms are great at taking out followers. They get an extra step on the battle ladder for every follower they knock out.

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Learn how to play

Learn how to play Godtear in just 12 minutes with Becca Scott of the Good Time Society

Awaken the power of nature with Lily, Thornsinger of the Azure Forest

Sprinkle some fae magic on your Godtear warband! Using fairy dust, she’s the first ever champion able to seed boons and blights on the battlefield for other characters to step on, helping her friends and hindering her foes!

Even gods can die

We begin at the end of days, when war rages across The Cradle. Consumed by violence, mortals have abandoned their faith in favour of bloodshed. And as the last mortal casts their faith aside, turning instead to darkness, the weakened gods first weep, and then shatter.