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Bardsung: Legend of the Ancient Forge is a cooperative dungeon explorer board game for 1-5 players.

Your journey begins with a single tile. From there, you build a branching, labyrinthine dungeon of dangerous enemies, wandering monsters, challenging puzzles, and valuable treasure.

Explore more of the Ancient Forge and enhance your adventures!

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Fables Fables

Kickstarter Limited Edition


Bardsung veterans, are you? Well then, we should indeed count our blessings, for greater dangers lurk withinthe darkness than most might ever suspect.

Despite appearances, the Ancient Forge holds stories yet untold—and the foul beasts so far encountered are but a glimpse of what preys upon the unwary, and the dread creatures thatguard its deepest secrets

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The Lost Levels The Lost Levels

Kickstarter Limited Edition

The Lost Levels

What shall be revealed in the Lost Levels is a truth far greater than the source of any hobgoblin raid orbugbear migration.

A secret so great to even eclipse the greed of the power-hungry duergar clans, and the agenda oftheir cruel monarch.

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Hobgoblin Box Hobgoblin Box

Hobgoblin Box

What say you, then, to upping the stakes with even more monsters to contend with?

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The Distant Depths The Distant Depths

Terrain Pack

The Distant Depths

And when that story requires entering an exotic underground realm inhabited by strange creatures like the Cepid, one would expect to encounter more unusual terrain…

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The Upper Levels The Upper Levels

Terrain Pack

The Upper Levels

The greatest tales are told on stages worthy of their grandeur. Now, heroes, ‘tis time to set the stage for your adventure!

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3D Doors 3D Doors

Terrain Pack

3D Doors

Why, we’ve seen many wandering monsters in these parts of late!

What better way to keep them at bay, than with this fine set of doors?

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Neoprene Mat Neoprene Mat

Neoprene Mat

Neoprene promotes smoother dice rolls, doesn’t crease or fold, and will protect your carefully-painted minis against any accidental drops.

It’s ideal for laying tiles on to build out your dungeons. The neoprene mat is also double-sided.

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Dice Pack Dice Pack

Dice Pack

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Dance to your own tune

Heavily inspired by choose-your-own-adventure classics, Bardsung emphasises player agency. You and your party will always have a say in where you go, what you do, and how you respond to the obstacles the Ancient Forge will throw your way.

​​With the myriad paths ahead and multiple endings, no two campaigns will be the same. You’ve got countless hours of fun ahead if you want to unravel Bardsung’s many mysteries.