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Can You Conquer the Steppe of the Lizard Thane? | New Epic Encounters!

Calling all warriors, adventurers, and everyone in search of gold and glory!

A new foe awaits you on the inhospitable steppe. But beware – precious few who venture into this austere domain return.

Most end up heads on pikes…

Still interested? You’re either brave, mad, or a heady combination of the two – but we’re glad to have you on board.

Let us introduce you to: Steppe of the Lizard Thane!

This latest Epic Encounters warband box pits you against a horde of merciless Lizard Folk.

And it’s arriving in May. 

But don’t wait until then – pre-order now to guarantee your all-expenses-paid trip* to the steppe!

*Please note, Steamforged Games are not responsible for any loss of limb, life, or fortune that may occur to adventurers during their journey.

Anyway, better clue you in on your latest Epic Encounters adventure before you go and get yourself sliced to pieces by Lizard Folk swords.

About Epic Encounters Warband Boxes

Steppe of the Lizard Thane is a warband box, with all you need to run an unforgettable RPG encounter against a phalanx of 18 Lizard Folk.

Read all about warband boxes – what they are and why they’re great – in this blog.

Why choose Epic Encounters?

  • Compatible with the Fifth Edition of the world’s favourite roleplaying game
  • Everything you need to run unforgettable encounters
  • These stunningly-detailed miniatures are preassembled – ready to paint, play, or display right from the box
  • Play a cinematic one-shot encounter or add to an existing campaign
  • The warband and boss boxes come in themed sets to help create a full campaign – Nest of the Dinosaur is paired with Steppe of the Lizard Thane

What’s Steppe of the Lizard Thane Got to Offer?

The Lizard Folk live as they always have, obeyed by flora, fauna, and even the very steppe itself. Few dare venture into their realm, and those who do are unlikely to live to tell the tale. 

Even great armies – certain their advanced technology and mastery of magic will grant them victory – have disappeared in the steppe, never to be seen again.

Will you succeed where great warriors, magicians, and adventures have failed? Or will your severed heads serve as grisly monuments to the Lizard Thane’s power?

One thing’s for sure – running an encounter against Lizard Folk warriors has never been easier! This set includes everything you need to add a battalion of rampaging reptilians to 5e campaigns, with an adventure book woven with information sure to prove indispensable to GMs everywhere.

And what encounter would be complete without a box full of stunning minis? The Lizard Folk may be vicious, but they certainly look the part on the battlefield!

Feast your eyes on these new sculpts:


Rich August, Epic Encounters’ Lead Writer, had this say about Steppe of the Lizard Thane:

Lizard folk deserve more love. They're too easily forgotten about, amongst the orcs and goblins and hobgoblins and bugbears and serpent people. And they shouldn't be. Because they offer GMs something genuinely different - something unchanging, fixed fast. That's what I wanted to capture in the Lizard folk set. A sense they've always been like this, completely removed from the passage of time. Neolithic cultures are fascinating and mysterious, and we now know they were vibrant, organic things trading and learning from each other across huge distances. But fantasy allows us to draw on older ideas about prehistory, and so I've taken a lot from the 70s films featuring cavemen to try and create a formidable challenge for characters brave enough to take on the Lizard thane! It's a classic running battle, with a last stand against terrible odds. I hope it's fun!”

Hungry for more reptilian action?

Nest of the Dinosaur sees your party take on an enormous, two-headed dinosaur!

It’s the perfect recipe for a cold-blooded campaign featuring both warband and boss encounters.

Just make sure you don’t end up on the menu!

Find Out More About Epic Encounters

It’s not just Steppe of the Lizard Thane and Nest of the Dinosaur!

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So, can you succeed where many others have failed and conquer the Steppe of the Lizard Thane?

Danger, discovery, and tales of derring do await!

Pre-order now – your party will thank you for it…