Dark Souls: Board Game

Dark Souls 10th Anniversary Giveaway! Win The Four Kings Expansion

It’s said the flow of time itself is convoluted in Lordran. 

Even so, Undead everywhere were united in celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Dark Souls on 22 September! 🌞

To be clear, that’s the 10-year anniversary of the video game, not the board game. And praise the sun for that. We were feeling old for a second there.

Still, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to celebrate such a milestone:

That’s why we’re giving away two sets of the super rare, highly coveted Four Kings Expansion for Dark Souls: The Board Game!

To be in with your chance to win, all you need to do is hit the link below and complete the form: 


Easy, right? There are no towering bosses or imposing enemies for this quest. Just enter before midnight on October 21, 2021.

Two winners will be picked at random and announced on October 29.

If you fancy your chances against the Four Kings, throw your name in the ring now. In fact, why not tell your friends about it and engage in jolly cooperation?

What is The Four Kings Expansion?

To get an idea of what The Four Kings Expansion will bring to your campaigns, check out this video with Jamie Giblin:

Only a hollow would miss out on this awesome giveaway!