Player Characters: The Lightweaver | Bardsung

It's time for us to assemble a party of heroes for the trials ahead.

A hale and hearty fellowship willing to risk life and limb, ready to inspire bardsong and live their legend. 

Now, come closer, and I’ll tell you what roles we need to fill…

Let's start with a mage.

Mages use magic to smite both distant and close-by enemies, trapping and blasting their foes with explosions and bursts of light. 

To triumph in combat, the best mages chain their abilities in powerful combinations—and in a treacherous place like where you’re headed, I’d say that’s essential. 

But never fear. I’d wager even a novice still wet behind the ears will rise to the occasion with a little experience under their belt.

Of course, when pursuing raw destructive power, most mages forget to take care of themselves. Should an enemy weather the storm to get up close and personal, or be of a particularly nimble sort, a mage must rely on their allies to avoid being run through.

Take The Lightweaver, here.

Fair of voice and temperament, and possessed of elegant poise, it’s no surprise this hero hails from ancient glades where gods are still rumoured to roam alongside their children. 

Doubtless an oath of silence would greet your questions, though, were you to prod this hero for further detail.

Regardless of their mysterious disposition, to my mind—and should the desire take root—The Lightweaver would make a fine mage. 

My eyes observe that crystal-headed staff and I at once imagine arcane bolts of light streaking forward to lash at your foes. 

Or perhaps an azure blade forming about the head to become a sorcerous halberd, as capable of splitting armour as any bright steel…

~ Bard


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