Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Hunter's Arsenal Expansion

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Hunter's Arsenal Expansion

It’s monster hunting time!

  1. 1-4 Players
  2. Ages 14+
  3. 60-90 Minutes
Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Hunter's Arsenal Expansion

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game - Hunter's Arsenal Expansion


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Monster hunters have an arsenal of weapon types at their disposal. In this tabletop world, hunters seek to master their chosen weapon, crafting ever more powerful upgrades as they get closer to facing the most dangerous predator…

Transform your game with the Hunter’s Arsenal, including six new-and-unique hunters for epic monster-hunting action! Hunt dangerous beasts with the Long Sword, Hammer, Gunlance, Light Bowgun, Lance, or Hunting Horn, each with their own attacks, equipment upgrades, and special rules.

Compatible with the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste core sets, and the Elder Dragon expansions, the Hunter’s Arsenal will open your world to new possibilities in both campaign and one-shot play. 

In campaign play, your hunter determines your weapon type for a campaign. The hunters you and your party members choose, the upgrades you decide to craft, and the monsters you hunt to craft them, will change your path — and the challenges you’ll face — as you slay your way through the New World.

Want a single-session game? Dive into one-shot battles instead! This set includes arena quest loadouts to pit these hunters against Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste monsters.

Monster Hunter World

Welcome to the party, hunters! Gather your friends, grab your massive weapon, and embark on cooperative quests in an open world where your choices matter. Armed with your attack cards and your wits, dive into battle with massive monsters, making quick strategic decisions and honing your hunting skills with every hard-won piece of monster loot!


JUST LAUNCHED! Four massive new monsters are smashing their way to the tabletop. Check out the pre-order bundle to snag the limited edition exclusives!

Watch a quick unboxing

See what's in the Hunter's Arsenal box with Jules Gill of WhatCulture and game designer, Jamie Perkins

Slay monsters that roam the New World

Prepare to face massive monster minis in this cooperative combat campaign board game for 1-4 players.

Gather your party to track down and slay the monsters roaming the New World. The more monsters you slay, the better the weapons you can craft, the bigger the monsters you can hunt!

Watch a playthrough

Join us in a showdown against mighty Rathalos, apex predator of the Ancient Forest!