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Meet the Firbolg Bard Student | Adventures & Academia

Wait — do you hear that tune? Sounds like Virro Evensong, student of the Bard class…

Virro Evensong, Student of the Bard Class

Painted Firbolg Bard miniature

A song can lift the darkest cloud and heal the deepest wound. 

Virro knows if you meander into the heart of the forest and listen closely, you can hear its song — the scuttle of the insects, the whistle of the leaves, and branches in the wind. Music is a language as natural as breathing. You just need to know when to listen. 

Firbolg Bard roleplaying character artwork

Born to a forest bordering on several towns, Virro never lacked for company, whether woodland creatures or the local townsfolk. 

Since arriving at the Grand Academy, Virro has submerged himself in the songs and legends kept in the libraries. He’s a regular sight on the Academy’s grass clearings, performing for the simple love of it. Occasionally, other students join in playing new tunes Virro has rediscovered or created. 

5e Bard roleplaying miniature

So, What Do You Think?

Want to roleplay as Virro, or enjoy his sweet music in your next adventure? Or maybe you like the look of his mini, and want to create your own character?

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Viro can be found in the Cunning & Divine RPG set HERE.