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Meet the Owlfolk Wizard Student | Adventures & Academia Characters

Even the greatest wizards had to start somewhere. And where better to learn their character class than by… well, going to class?


Meet Barnaby Talonn, Wizard student at the Grand Academy! Barnaby is a 5e-compatible character who loves studying to be the best Wizard she can be. 

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We’ve already met some of the Grand Academy students… 


Now, let’s find out a little more about Barnaby!

Barnaby Talonn , Owlfolk Wizard


It shouldn’t have done that. How exciting! 

Barnaby grew up in a treetop community. The Owlfolk had a somewhat strained relationship with the rest of the forest relating to several particularly opinionated squirrels. 

While practising flying during the day, Barnaby found a ruined stone tower. Ever curious, Barnaby investigated and found a treasure trove of magical grimoires, scrolls detailing spell components, and journals. 


While at the Academy, Barnaby has been, well, a wizard in a tower filled with magical scrolls! Always with a new collection of scrolls under one arm and with her beak in another new book. 

Her friends are fairly sure she either doesn’t sleep or is actually three owlfolk who regularly change places. It’s the only way one creature could study that much. Seemingly intent on learning every spell she can get her hands on, Barnaby is fast becoming the poster child of House Arcane. 


What do you think, Student? Will Barnaby Talonn be your next roleplaying character? Or maybe you’ll create your own Owlfolk character to stir up trouble at magic school?

Whatever you decide, make sure you’re not late for class —

Barnaby can be found in the Arcane & Might RPG set HERE.