What is Euthia? Top 9 Things To Know

Euthia is coming back to Kickstarter on July 26! It’s already got over 10,000 followers, and we could not be more excited for launch. 

In prep for the big day, we thought we’d spend some time on a quick guide for those of you who don’t know much about the game. 

You’re in for a world of adventure… (No, really. An entire world. This game is BIG.)

1. It’s an open world fantasy RPG board game for 1-4 players

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection (to give it its full name) is a high fantasy board game of heroes, monsters, magic, and dragons — with an interesting twist.

When your hero dies, they’re brought back to life, making learning from your mistakes a big part of the game. It’s even been described as ‘Diablo-esque’ by reviewers. Although the main play mode is competitive, you can also play Euthia solo, and even co-op. 

The map in Euthia is modular, which means you lay tiles as you explore. Your strategy is important, because you’ll need to build up your hero’s wealth and reputation if you want to win the game. 

You can do that by going on quests, finding and trading precious resources, and — of course — fighting terrifying creatures in life-or-death combat!

Although combat is dice-driven, there are many ways to take control of your luck by using potions, invoking powers, and being clever about timing. In PvP mode, your opponents will actually control the monsters you’re fighting. So be wary!

Before you watch, please note these videos were made using an earlier edition of the game. But with the exception of component tweaks and upgrades, the vast majority is the same.

2. It’s highly rated and has had years of development

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection was first brought to Kickstarter by Diea Games in 2020. 

Euthia’s had more than 5 years of development and 1500+ playtesting sessions. It’s no surprise, then, that the core game has an 8.8 rating on BoardGameGeek.

Despite its popularity, the core game is currently out-of-print. Still, there are tons of great gameplay and unboxing videos already on YouTube. Here are just a handful:

Before you watch, please note these videos were made using an earlier edition of the game. But with the exception of component tweaks and upgrades, the vast majority is the same.

3. It’s named after the world it’s set in

Euthia’ is actually the name of the world in the game. As for ‘Torment of Resurrection’, well, that whole ‘coming back to life’ thing doesn’t come without a price…

4. It’s a big game

There are 35 miniatures, more than 300 cards, and over 800 tokens in the updated core box alone — and that’s not even counting the new Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows combo expansion!

5. It’s super replayable

Euthia has been designed with replayability in mind. After all, when you’re adding such a big game to your collection, you want to make sure you’re getting tons of value!

Because of the randomised map tiles, different NPC’s, and changing quests, no two playthroughs of Euthia will be the same. Even the merchants have different items to sell. 

Not to mention that you yourself can make different choices for your hero, changing the character you create. And that’s before you’ve even added in the Fierce Powers & Crawling Shadows gameplay…

6. It’s being resurrected on Kickstarter with new expansions!

Diea brought Euthia to Gamefound in May 2022 with new expansions, but the campaign was sadly cancelled after raising half a million dollars in two days. 

After hearing the news, we had to reach out. Steamforged has now partnered with Diea Games to resurrect the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, so this incredible game can live again! For the full announcement, click here.

The new Kickstarter will have streamlined pledge levels to keep things simple. We’ve also combined some products into one, to make it possible for Euthia to live again. For more details on pledge levels, click here

Steamforged CEO, Rich Loxam, also did an interview with BoardGameCo, which you can watch below:

7. The entire game will be Kickstarter exclusive

Even with the combos and streamlining of pledge levels, Euthia is still a BIG game. And the sheer size and scope of the core game and expansions means it just won’t work at retail. 

For that reason, both the reprinted content — including the updated core game — and the brand new expansion content will all be Kickstarter exclusive. 

8. It’s launching July 26 on Kickstarter

Euthia and its expansions will be resurrected on Kickstarter this July 26! You can follow the campaign here to be notified on launch. 

Anyone who backs a pledge level during the live Kickstarter campaign will get a free hero conversion kit worth $15, to turn the evil necromancer into a playable hero.

9. It has an active community

If you like chatting with other board gamers, you’re in luck. Euthia has an active Facebook group with more than 2,000 members, which you can join right here. There’s also a Diea Games Discord server.