Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures Halloween Competition: Design an NPC

Halloween is almost here! Given we won’t be trick-or-treating this year, how about we have a creepy competition instead?

(And yes, there will be prizes!)

Design a Spooky Villain

We’d like YOU to design a spooky villain suitable for the Animal Adventures: Starter Set (coming November 9).

Now, because we know not everyone is an artist, this competition isn’t limited to drawings. 

In fact, you can craft your villain in any form you like—be it a written description, pumpkin carving, sketch, portrait, clay model, whittled sculpture... 

(You get the idea.) 

There’s only one rule:

It HAS to fit into the world of Animal Adventures!

(You’ll need a Google account to enter.)

Once you’ve entered, why not share your masterpiece on socials with the hashtag #AnimalAdventuresHalloween? Times are tough right now, so let’s fill everyone’s TL with cute-and-creepy villains!


On Monday 16 November, we’ll select four favourites from your entries.

Each winner will be sent a copy of the Animal Adventures: Starter Set! 

(Make sure you include your email address in the form, so we can get in touch.)

Then, the four favourites will be put to a community vote.

The winner of the vote will have their character illustrated by our artist, Cristina Ruiz; have a stat block written up by our designer, Richard August; and be made available on this website as a downloadable resource for anyone to use in their games!

Happy Halloween, Adventurers!

As a final little gift, our artist, Cristina, drew this spellbinding artwork to celebrate our cute cats and adorable dogs enjoying a Halloween treat.


She’s also created a colouring in sheet, so you can print it off for your pups and kittens to colour in while you work on your entry.


In fact, we’d love to see their masterpieces, too! So, give them a share with #AnimalAdventuresHalloween

Stay safe out there, everyone. And stay spooky!