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Beotodus | Journal #3 | Monster Hunter World Iceborne: The Board Game

Welcome to today’s journal excerpt, hunters!

For those of you that are new here, we’ve found the journal of a skilled hunter and are flipping through its pages for anything that might help us take down the monsters roaming this frozen land. 

Today’s monster cuts through snow like a shark through water. Keep an eye out for a vicious horn protruding from the ground — it might be the only warning you get!

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Facing Beotodus in Tabletop Combat

from the journal of lead designer, Jamie Perkins

Today’s monster is (s)no(w) joke. 

Okay, that was a joke. But this thing definitely isn’t.

Hoarfrost Reach’s answer to Jyuratodus, Beotodus is a piscine wyvern that burrows through ice and deep snow to reach you. 

And, as we learned in the Banbaro journal, deep snow is somewhere you really don’t want to be stuck when there’s a monster coming your way. 

When you see that horn slicing through the ice, you’d better be ready to fight. You’re on Beotodus’ home turf, so it won’t be easy. Hopefully, this sneak peek at the monster’s physiology card will give you a chance. 

Beotodus Physiology

Like all monsters, Beotodus does have a 1-star quest, but we’re checking out the 2-star today for reasons that will become clear in a moment:

A significant step up in health from Banbaro, 2-star Beotodus is a whole new type of challenge. 

Not only that, but its behaviours are more difficult to dodge and will inflict you with iceblight while it’s in deep snow.

But wait. What’s iceblight? The reason we’re looking at 2-star Beotodus, that’s what!

And I’m glad you asked…

New Status Ailment: Iceblight!

Status ailments like stun, poison, and sleep can be crucial for bringing down monsters. 

They’re also a key consideration when deciding how to arm yourself for a particular quest, and for defending against. After all, some monsters can inflict status ailments on you, too!

Which brings us onto iceblight. Unique to the Iceborne board game, iceblight is a new status ailment that affects how fast your hunter can travel. 

They’ll no longer be able to walk freely and will instead have to spend attack cards and precious stamina to move around.

Combine that with deep snow, and you might find yourself seriously stuck. 

And what if you’ve made the monster angry first? Then you might as well cart yourself now…

New Monster Behaviours: Enrage!

Yes, the Iceborne monsters can get really mad. And you won’t like them when they’re mad. 

Alongside their usual bone-crushing behaviour decks, all Iceborne monsters also have an enraged behaviour deck. 

Enraged monsters hit harder, move faster, and are harder to dodge. It’s a fun time for the whole hunting party.  

There are a couple of ways a monster can reach the enraged state:

One is when said monster has run through all the regular behaviours in its deck, is irritated that you’re still poking it with pointy objects, and breaks out even more hardcore behaviours in an attempt to wipe you off the table. 

Two, is if you’ve managed to lower the monster to half its health. Monsters don’t tend to be too keen on that.

Whichever way you trigger it, just when you think you’ve got a handle on how the monster behaves, its enraged state will set you up for a climactic finale!

That’s all for now, hunters. I think I see something sharp sticking out of the snow up ahead…

~ Journal Ends ~

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Stay frosty!