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First Look! Kickstarter Campaign Unlocks | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

Hunters, it’s just 6 days until the Monster Hunter World: The Board Game campaign launches on Kickstarter.

You’ve already had a peek at what the pledge levels will include (Entry, Core, and All-In).

Want a closer look at what's already included?

Then just check out the size of the monsters in the Ancient Forest set, which is in every pledge level! And is that Kushala Daora we spy on the end (available as an Add-On and in the All-In pledge)?


As a reminder, there are nine unique monsters in the Core Pledge — including seven extra large monsters with 100mm bases, and one extra EXTRA large monster with a 120mm base*! — and eight unique hunters.

(*Hint: It’s Diablos!)


Together, those hunters and monsters make up two core sets with 30 hours of gameplay each: the Ancient Forest, and the Wildspire Waste.

We’ve already encountered the four Ancient Forest hunters and monsters, and gotten a feel for just how different their playstyles, attacks, and behaviours really are.

And now we’ve also assembled our Wildspire Waste party, we’ll soon be hunting the Wildspire Waste monsters, too!

That will take us up to launch on April 20, where we’ll begin encountering the massive Elder Dragons (like Kushala Daora) included in the All-In...

...but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Today, we’re getting a taste of something else that’s in store for the campaign — unlocks!

Kickstarter Campaign Unlocks

If you’ve played the video game, you’ll know there are bonuses you get just for logging in. 

They’re not tied to your achievements, score, or hours played. They’re just extra gifts you get to say “thanks” for being part of the Monster Hunter: World… world. 

The unlocks for the Monster Hunter World: The Board Game Kickstarter campaign will work in exactly the same way. 

There won’t be stretch goals that are unlocked once you reach a certain funding level.

Instead, every day, we’ll automatically unlock an extra reward that will be added to every Core and All-In Pledge for free! 

(The Entry Pledge was created to give all Monster Hunter: World fans a chance to get in on the monster hunting action. So, to keep the price low, the unlocks won’t be included in this pledge level.)

These daily rewards, or daily unlocks, are designed to enhance your experience and add more cosmetic options to your campaigns.

There may even be some extra pals to tag along on your hunts, too…


There’s still time to join the party.

Hit ‘Notify Me’ on Kickstarter to be there when we launch!