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 Meet Crestir Xgwen, Paladin-in-training at the Grand Academy…

Crestir Xgwen, Dragonkin Paladin

Painted Paladin student mini for 5e RPG

There is always a hero. Why can’t it be you?

Crestir was raised in a small community atop a mountain known as the Thunder Cliffs. In their early life, the village elders were concerned they had their head in the clouds, always reading the old stories of dragon kind. 

Paladin character artwork for magic school RPG

It was said you could tell the time of day by how many times Crestir had tried to find an adventure or challenged a storm cloud to show its face, all while wielding an ancestral shield forged from the breath of a dragon.

Paladin miniature render for 5e RPG

Since arriving at the Grand Academy, Crestir has thrown themselves into every extracurricular activity they can find, going so far as to start several new ones when they had a free evening. Every minute on the Academy’s grounds to them is an opportunity to become a legend; a hero like those from their books. 

Crestir is part of the Cunning & Divine RPG set, find it HERE.