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Dual Blades Hunter | Journal #4 | Monster Hunter World: The Board Game

from the journal of Jamie Perkins, Lead Developer

The dual blades and great sword hunters both wield sharp weapons, but there the similarity ends.

You could even go so far as to say they’re spiritual opposites. Where the great sword hunter trades movement for raw power, the dual blades hunter favours swift strikes and high mobility—dashing in with a flurry of blows before dodging to safety.


Weapon Upgrades

Like the great sword and bow hunters, you’ll start with a unique attack deck based on the dual blades and a selection of upgrade options you can craft from bone and ore. The more monster loot you claim, the better the weapons you can craft.


For an overview on how hunters work on the tabletop, check out this journal entry.

Fighting Style

Elegant and graceful, this hunter’s fighting style is best described as a dance of death. Or, if you’re feeling less poetic, the “hit and run” approach. 

Either way, it’s acrobatic and involves moving around the board with serious pace.

Take, for example, the Lunging Stab


As you might expect, dual blade attacks often come with movement. This hunter also tends to draw a high quantity of damage cards for each attack, so it’s worth considering when you want to play certain cards.

For example, if Lunging Stab is the first card you play in a turn, you can draw three damage cards—impressive for an early play!

Still, don’t expect to be dealing serious damage with every hit. The dual blades hunter may draw more damage cards per attack than the other hunters, but their damage deck also features more damage cards with a value of 1. 

Think less ‘final blow’ and more ‘slain by a thousand cuts’.

Although Lunging Stab isn’t the best example with it’s agility value of just 1, the dual blades hunter is incredibly mobile. Many of this hunter’s attack cards have agility 2, making it far easier for them to move around the board than the other members of the party. 

Of course, if you need to land serious damage, there is a way:


Perhaps the most important ability in the dual blades hunter’s arsenal is Demon Mode. Play this card and your damage per attack will go through the roof for the rest of the turn!

~ Journal Ends ~

So, Will You Wield the Dual Blades?

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