Elden Ring

ELDEN RING™ Board Game Kickstarter Launches November 22, 2022

Arise, Tarnished, and join over 19,000 brave souls (and counting…) on an unforgettable journey this November 22.

The ELDEN RING board game will launch on Kickstarter at 18:00 UTC / 12:00 CT / 10:00 PT.

And that’s not all. Such an incredible event is worthy of commemoration…


If you pledge for ELDEN RING: The Board Game on Kickstarter, you will automatically receive your board game, and any expansions, in exclusive Collector’s Edition boxes like these — depicting the Lands Between in a premium, spot-gloss finish — as a special thanks for your support.

With the Notify Me page close to 20,000 followers, ELDEN RING has already obliterated our previous records, and we’re only just getting started.

Place your waypoint beacons here because we’ve got lots to show over the next few weeks, from gameplay details to miniature reveals…