Elden Ring

Pledge Level Details Revealed | ELDEN RING: The Board Game Kickstarter

Arise, Tarnished, and feast your eyes on the Kickstarter pledge levels for ELDEN RING: The Board Game! 

This November 22 from 18:00 UTC, we invite you to begin your journey to the tabletop Lands Between, and start upon the path of becoming an Elden Lord. 

More than 34,000 Tarnished are already waiting to take the first step…

Before we get to the pledge levels, check out the teaser trailer:

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Finally, let’s take a look at what you came for: the pledge levels!

Entry Pledge

True to its name, the Entry Pledge focuses on the area of the video game most players experienced first: the Weeping Peninsula. This box is both a standalone set and an expansion. Here, you will face a horde of misbegotten enemies as they battle their way to Castle Morne, and a climatic battle with the ferocious Leonine Misbegotten, in a 20+ hour replayable campaign with side-quests, deep character customisation, and emergent narrative that will change your experience from one playthrough to the next. 

We’ve included this pledge level as an entry point to the game, to ensure even casual tabletop gamers can experience the tabletop majesty of ELDEN RING: The Board Game. 

Core Pledge

The Core Pledge includes the sizeable Realm of the Grafted King core game — in which you’ll explore wider Limgrave in a replayable 30-40 hour campaignand all the exclusive goals we’ll unlock in the course of the Kickstarter, including an expansion’s worth of new gameplay content that will add more than 10 additional hours to your campaign.   

A wide variety of dungeons and a host of enemies and bosses await you, each represented by an exquisitely detailed miniature. All the while, emergent narrative, side-quests, and deep character customisation will again change your experience from one campaign to the next.

At the end stands the Fell Omen himself, Margit, self-appointed guardian of Stormveil Castle, come to extinguish thy flame…

All-in Pledge

Finally, the All-in pledge includes both Realm of the Grafted King and Weeping Peninsula from the Entry and Core pledges, as well as the Stormveil Castle expansion (also playable standalone), Kickstarter exclusive Erdtree Avatar and Flying Dragon Agheel expansions, and all the exclusive goals we’ll unlock during the Kickstarter. 

Including a 90+ hour replayable campaign, this massive pledge is for the avid ELDEN RING completionist and collector. It includes a monumental amount of content, including some of the biggest miniatures we’ve ever made.

And because campaigns are played over a series of 90-120 minute sessions, your campaign can span as long as you’d like — whether that’s an epic playthrough of all the content, experienced over multiple sessions and spanning months, or a self-contained campaign using one of the three standalone sets; Weeping Peninsula, Realm of the Grafted King, or Stormveil Castle. 

Either way, your Tarnished can make the journey with you from one adventure to the next. Even into future regions… 

And that’s still not all.

Exclusive Free Gifts for Backers

The ELDEN RING board game needs brave Tarnished like you to bring it to life. As a ‘thank you’ from us for your support for backing the Kickstarter at any pledge level, you will automatically receive your pledge rewards in limited edition Collector’s boxes, featuring a premium gold foil and gloss varnish finish. 

And as a ‘thank you’ for the extra support, backers who take a Core or All-in pledge during the live Kickstarter campaign will also receive exclusive Iron Fist Alexander and his cards (worth $15) for free with their pledge.

And we still aren’t done…

New Gameplay Content Unlocked Daily

ELDEN RING: The Board Game will be an incredibly special Kickstarter. So, when it comes to adding extra rewards for our backers, we have to do something special.

Exploration is key to discovering content in the ELDEN RING video game, and that’s exactly how you’ll unlock new content for the board game. An expansion’s worth of new content, in fact. 

Throughout the course of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ll go on a quest through Limgrave in which your choices will unlock more enemies, more huge minis, more Tarnished, and even more gameplay scenarios. Our quest will culminate in an entire Kickstarter exclusive expansion worth over $100+, which will be added to every Core and All-in pledge for free. 

Intrigued? We are, too. We can’t wait to tread through those dangerous wilds with you! We’ll see you on November 22, Tarnished…