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Epic Encounters: Local Legends Sneak Peek! The Fighting Pit

Welcome to the Mace & Flail, brave adventurer.

Oho, spoiling for a fight, are we? Well put your brass knuckles away and pour yourself a mug of ale. Before we launch ourselves headfirst into a brawl, let’s talk about the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for Epic Encounters: Local Legends:

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Remember: every tavern has a story to tell! It’s not all drinking and brawling…

Anyway, with no more ado, let’s get to what brought you here. Grab a flagon and read on for a sneak peek at the famous Mace & Flail, one of the taverns from Epic Encounters: Local Legends.

This excerpt from the adventure book should whet your appetite for excitement!

Mace & Flail (Fighting Pit)

In many parts of the multiverse, fighting pits are entirely illegal, frowned up by local nobility and loathed by those who enforce the law. Thankfully for Mace & Flail, such restrictions on blood sports are not enforced in their little corner of existence.

On the edge of a snowy tundra, where the hillside begins to slope away, this tower-like structure juts up from the ground, its walls supported by stone shafts that give birth to huge spikes striking out at the surrounding landscape. Flags fly in the harsh breeze, a sign that a big fight is on the cards. Where Mace & Flail is built into the hillside, a number of openings are visible, leading from the cellars and lower levels. These crude drainage ports not only allow for the disposal of waste from the tavern’s latrines, but also flow daily with blood and fluids being disposed of from the tavern’s latest victims. For anyone approaching the tavern from the bottom of the incline, a steep hill of red-stained snow is a sure sign that you’re nearly at Mace & Flail.

Mace & Flail is set up for gladiatorial combat at the most brutal level. Home to a large sunken fighting pit, the tavern runs high-stakes fights twice per week and allows big egos and even bigger talk to be resolved through one-on-one battle on a daily basis. The fighting pit rules differ depending on the event, but usually both weapons and armour are allowed. Under the fighting pit, a large cellar and holding pen exists, where wild animals and monsters are held. When a suitable opponent can’t be found for the local champion, Berserker, they are made to battle all manner of vicious creatures.

Will you survive this cruel arena of bloodletting and brutality? Only time will tell! The tavern secrets await your discovery, adventurers…

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