How was your Saturday night? We spent ours telling Banzai Baby, and the awesome (online) crowd at GenCon, about some of the cool things we’ll be bringing to you lovely lot this year.

Missed the stream? Then check out the recording below! 

Steamforged Showcase

For the readers among you, here’s a quick rundown of what we covered:

Epic Encounters with Richard Loxam & Richard August

  • What is Epic Encounters?

  • Richard talks Goblins and Hydra

  • Trailer showing! Temple of the Snake God

Animal Adventures with Russ Charles & Richard August

  • Russ and Richard talk Gullet Cove

  • What’s next for Animal Adventures? 

  • “There are a lot of animals out there who aren’t just cats and dogs”

Monster Hunter World: The Board Game with Sherwin Matthews & Richard Loxam

  • First look! Rich Loxam shows off samples and miniatures

  • World premiere! Teaser trailer revealed

  • Pledge giveaway: Which monster didn’t Loxam show? Enter here