Champion Tease at the Godtear Station | Festive Train 2020

Hail, Champion! Back at Gencon 2020 we teased the artwork for Helena, the Inspiration of Hope, in our Keynote Livestream.


Seeing as the festive train is in the Godtear station, we thought we’d reveal a little more of this Champion!


Helena is a Guardian Champion that doesn’t have a banner. Given Guardians are all about planting banners, that seems like an odd choice.

However, she is carrying one...


Yep. You guessed it. She’s the banner!


But what about her followers? 

That’s another Godtear first: 

Six followers!

Helena Warand

Keep an eye on the blog, when we’ll be sharing an Ultimate Guide for Helena.

(And check out the Ultimate Guides for Jeen and Luella.)

We’re in the Godtear station until 11:59am UK time on December 19, so you’ve got until then to win an exclusive accessories bundle and check out the ultimate starter set bundles.